MISTWOOD FITTER MATT CARTER takes me through the numbers on testing my Callaway Fairway Woods against the new Rogue ST’s. Find out who won down below.

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Rory Spears in the Mistwood Golf Club fitting bay, testing his Callaway Rogue St Driver.


This week I finally got them tested. My fairway woods and driver that is.

For the last 5 years, I have had a pair of fitted Callaway Steelhead fairway woods in my golf bag.

Because these 3 & 5 woods were killers. They not only upped my game from the fairway when I got them. Newer versions of Callaway fairway woods, could not outdrive them. A few other top brands could not beat them either. So they stayed in my bag.

BUT AFTER I added new Callaway Rogue’s to the bag this spring, I still stayed with my old reliable Steelheads. The Callaway Steelhead woods never seemed to get much publicity back in the day. What I found is they were a better club than many golfers gave them credit for. They were often clutch when I needed them to be just that.

BUT IT WAS TO TEST THEM AGAIN. So it was back out to one of the Top 100 fitting locations in the country Mistwood Golf Club in Romeoville. Fitting specialist Matt Carter ran the tests for me.

WHERE THE NEW ROGUE’S finally beat the long time champs in distance, lower spin, more accuracy. Carry and Ball Speed too. So what does this prove. It proves that even your most reliable and favorite clubs can be replaced, because they are being out-performed.

THE NEW LOOK 10.5 LOFT. Is It for you ? Well maybe or maybe not. Because this year alone I have seen more people with 10.5 loft drivers, or drivers set up to play at 10.5. I’m not sure what the fascination with 10.5 loft is. But I do know, the ball flight looks great off the tee. But the location of your ball in the fairway when you get to it, won’t be as far as you expect it to be. I don’t care what golf ball your playing, you probably won’t get the run out you expect.

AFTER TESTING MY NEW ROGUE-ST with Carter, we found it was time to lower the loft and get back to 9.5. So if you purchased a new driver, but aren’t gaining the distance you expected. Go back and get that driver re-tested, it might not be your swing. It might not be the shaft. But just the loft your playing. BUT !!! Part 2, make sure you get the right shaft, the “stock shaft” might not be right for your swing or game.

BMW CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK in Wilmington Delaware at Wilmington Country Club. It’s a really good golf course. So it’s easy to see why the WGA took the BMW there. What will the pro’s do to it. Hard to say if the rough is as deep and thick as it was on media day. WCC has a great clubhouse and history. I will be there for Round 1, so watch for updates. But I’m disappointed our Chicago area players didn’t qualify. So hopefully they will make it to Olympia Fields in 2023.

DO YOU WONDER why Pine Valley Golf Club in New Jersey is always rated the #1 course in America. So do I. This week I plan to find out why that is the case. So more next week after I visit this special place in golf history.

SCOTTIE SCHEFFLER-did he or didn’t he walk in Cam Smith’s line on purpose. I would hope not. But if he did, I hope the ANGC gives him a whack on the knuckles. The reigning Masters Champion should carry himself in a professional way on and off the golf course.



MISTWOOD GOLF CLUB FITTER MATT CARTER works with Rory Spears of Golfers on Golf-in breaking down the difference between his old Callaway Clubs and the new Callaway Rogue’s. For a top club fitting experience go to Mistwood Golf Club located on Renwick Road in Romeoville. See or call the club at (815)-254-3333.

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Callaway Golf Ambassador Chad Johansen of Blackberry Oaks Golf Club.

THERE IS PLENTY GOING on at Blackberry Oaks Golf Club in Bristol.

Callaway Golf Ambassador Chad Johansen invites golfers out to play in the Back-to-School 4-Man Scramble.

The 4-Man scramble will be played on August 28th. But there is more if you like to play scrambles.

Blackberry Oaks is holding 2-two man scrambles in the weeks ahead.

So sign up now to get in the scrambles or the fall golf junior golf programs. So visit or call The Oaks at (630)-553-7170.

Under the lights at Cog Hill.


If so, there are some golf events you don’t want to miss at Cog Hill Golf & Country Club in Palos Park.

Because Play Dubs like the Pro’s is coming up on October 5th, and then the Fall Scramble on October 8th.

Vodka and Birdies is coming up later this week. So to get signed up visit or call (866)-COG-HILL 264-4455.

THE NEW TITLEIST TSR DRIVER Fitting day is September 9th at Pine Meadow Golf Club in Mundelein. But very limited appointments are available. (847)-566-4653.

UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS has three members of it’s men’s golf team, in this weeks 122nd U.S. Amateur at Ridgewood Country Club in New Jersey. Adrien Dumont de Chassart, Piercen Hunt and Tommy Kuhl will all compete. More at

Fitting leader Club Champion’s main store in Willowbrook Illinois. Fitter CJ in the SAM Putt LAB.


A national leader in club fitting, is not sitting still and keeps growing by the month.

So most recently Club Champion has re-branded it’s image, and made changes to it’s website.

Because of your ready to see where club fitting and it’s part of the golf industry is headed to. You can now learn more at But better yet, you can get a summer fitting if you hurry-for FREE. But with a purchase of $499.00 or more in equipment. So visit your local Club Champion fitting location today, to take advantage of this special.

THE GOLF HERITAGE SOCIETY will hold it’s annual convention and trade show on September 24th at the Wyndham Hotel-West, near the Indianapolis Airport. For more information please visit

ISLAND RESORT & CASINO will hold it’s annual collegiate Invitational Sept. 4th and 5th, on the Sage Run Golf Course. South Dakota State University is the host, and 10 schools are signed up to compete. Including several from Michigan. From Illinois, Illinois State University & Southern Illinois University will play. Details at

GALVIN GREEN PART 2 with men’s Collection “A” is out as of this week. The Albert, the Armstrong and the Andy are current new options. See

But for photo’s of some items, see Rory Spears Facebook or GogBlogGuy on Twitter. The Gog Blog returns tomorrow. RS.


MISTWOOD GOLF CLUB’S FITTER MATT CARTER works with Rory Spears of Golfers on Golf, testing Callaway Golf fairway woods and drivers in the Mistwood Performance Center. Summertime is a good time to be fitted for clubs, especially with equipment companies coming out with new products all year round. See to book your club fitting or testing, or call Mistwood Golf Club in Romeoville at (815)-254-3333.

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Chicago’s Favorite Foursome is L-R Ed Stevenson, Len Ziehm, Bill Berger and Rory Spears. At WNDZ AM 750 Chicago.


Week 15 ? Because time flies when your having fun,

So this week Golfers on Golf Radio takes a look at golf in Delaware, as the BMW Championship rolls into the nations first state.

Wilmington Country Club plays host to the 2022 edition of this Fed Ex Cup playoff event on the PGA Tour.

Len Ziehm is live from the Palm Aire studio’s in Sarasota Florida. With Ed Stevenson-Bill Berger and Rory Spears in studio.

Guests today include the head golf professional Michael Shank from Wilmington Country Club. General Manager Rob Polillo of the Rock Manor Golf Club 15 minutes from Wilmington Country Club. So if your headed out to the tournament, bring your club, Because great public golf is just minutes away.

CLICK HERE to hear this weeks edition of Golfers on Golf Radio on WNDZ AM 750 Chicago.

Thanks for listening, Ed, Billy, Len and Rory.


OUTDOORS IN THE SUMMER-INSIDE IN THE WINTER-Mistwood Golf all year round. But for now at least 90 days of outside play left at Mistwood. Once your done go inside to the Performance Bar or McWethy’s Tavern. or call (815)-254-3333.

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Mistwood Golf Club fitter Matt Carter works with Rory Spears of Golfers on Golf, during club testing in the Mistwood Performance Center. Photo’s by Eric Anderson.

IT WAS TIME to check out the remaining clubs in my bag.

Because earlier this year in the Mistwood Golf Dome, I found out the new Callaway Rogue clubs, were better than the Callaway Clubs I had in my bag.

The surprise was that those Callaway Clubs weren’t that old. But my Max Speed Callaway driver, that I got last September, was already losing ground to the new Callaway Rogue Drivers that just hit the market In January.

Rory hits a fairway wood in the Mistwood Performance Center.

So I made the switch based on the recommendations of the Callaway fitting team.

But one part of my bag I wasn’t ready to give up on, was my old reliable Callaway Steelhead fairway woods.

The Steelheads that I got 5 years ago, were still solid. They tested better for me, that any of the other recent new additions to the Callaway line of fairway woods.

Matt Carter breaks down the Trackman data.

Because sometimes the old stuff was made pretty darn good. I don’t remember the hype for Steelheads back in the day. So I’ll call them one of the more under rated Callaway clubs of their time.

Five years later my 3 and 5 wood Steelheads still have some pop in them. But was it time to find out if they could still out play and out hit the latest product Callaway had to offer.

So if your not sure if your ready for new clubs, get your current bag tested. You don’t need to go for a fitting if the current stuff in your bag-stacks up with the new stuff on the market.

So that’s what I did. I went to one of the Top 100 fitting locations in America. The Mistwood Golf Club on Renwick Road in Romeoville. With fitter Eric Russell off property for the day, Matt Carter stepped in and put me through my paces.


Steelheads 2017 vs Rogue 2022’s. I actually entered the hitting bay thinking the old reliable Steelheads could win again. But time and or technology finally caught up with the old standard. The Rogue’s beat my Steelheads. Especially the 5-wood. The 3-wood fight was closer, but Rogue won again.

I have no complaints about the Steelheads, they were outstanding for my fairway woods game. Solid heads attached to the Fujikura Shafts make a darn good golf club. But they could not beat the current Callaway Rogue model.

CLICK HERE to hear the full interview with Mistwood Golf Club fitter Matt Carter on the current state of club fitting, and why anytime is a good time for testing and club fitting.

But the testing wasn’t over. While my new Callaway Rogue ST Max-D Driver has proven to be straighter and it delivers better ball flight. I did have concerns about total distance, and run-out when I hit the fairway. But I did question the loft, now sitting at 10.5, higher than I had ever used before. So Carter lowered the loft to 9.5 and bingo, I started to see the results I was looking for.

Even though it’s August, with the new equipment releases coming out year round. it’s never to early to look into new equipment, or get your old equipment tested to see what it has left in the head-the hosel and the shaft. When it comes to club fitting, don’t be afraid to get shafted, re-shafted that is. There are several good shaft companies on the market.

So if it’s time for new clubs, or test what’s in your bag. Go find fitters like Matt Carter and Eric Russell at Mistwood Golf Club in Romeoville. Because you will be glad you did. or call (815)-254-3333. Tell them Rory sent you. RS


ON THE RANGE or in THE PRO SHOP Heritage Oaks can offer your game all it needs for this summers day on the links. See more at or (847)-291-2351.

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Chadd Slutzky and John Ramsey, have three wins in the CDGA Four-Ball


But while it might be the third win for the team of Chadd Slutzky and John Ramsey in the CDGA Four-Ball. One gets a feeling it won’t be the last.

The team rolled through some tough matches along the way, and finally came away with the title with a 2 UP win over Tommy Dunsire and his brother Scott Dunsire, Jr. at the Ridgemoor Country Club in Chicago.

With the win Slutzky and Ramsey become the first three-time champions in the event, now in it’s seventh year.

“It’s amazing,” said Slutzky. “To be the first three time winner of this event really means a ton. We are really excited about the victory-we had a lot of tough matches that we somehow came out on top of after a long fight. So it’s really just amazing.”

“This is one of the events that we look forward to all year,” said Ramsey. “It’s fun to come out on top of it and be the first three-time champ is fantastic.”

Slutzky and Ramsey shot a 4 under par 68 in the stroke play round. This would earn them number 4 seed for the match play. But in the championship match things were tied at the turn. But Slutzky and Ramsey were back to being 2 Up after 12 holes. Then were able to close out the match on 17.

Slutzky and Ramsey will join the field at the Evanston Country Club, for the 30th playing of the Illinois State Mid-Amateur on August 22-23. So for more information please visit


THE NEW HERITAGE OAKS IS STYLING are YOU and your clubs looking as good. So why not upgrade your look with some pro-shop shopping at Heritage Oaks. Because this is the time to load up on summer apparel. (847)-291-2351

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Roy Biancalana with the Zeigfield Troy trophy. Photo by Nick Novelli.

ROY BIANCALANA of the Blackberry Oaks Golf Club in Bristol has won the 2022 Illinois PGA Section-Senior PGA Championship.

Biancalana shot scores of 69-70 for a two day total of 139 (-5) to win the championship by 4 shots at the Bryn Mawr Country Club.

So Biancalana will lead a group of nine Illinois PGA Section professionals to compete in the 34th Senior PGA Professional Championship. The championship will be contested at the Twin Warriors Golf Club at Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and Spa, and the Santa Ana Golf Club, both in Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico from October 13-16.

“My mindset was to stay healthy,” said Biancalana. “I’ve had back spasms the last couple of weeks, and I also sprained my ankle a few months ago. So I just wanted to stay healthy and stay in the moment and hit the shots I needed to hit. I knew if I played decent, I could qualify for the championship. This was the first time I have won this event and it feels good.”

Biancalana will be joined at the Senior Professional PGA in New Mexico by Mike Small (University of Illinois Men’s Golf Coach), Rich Dukelow (Ridge Golf Club), Steve Murray (Forest Hills Country Club), John Varner (Beverly Country Club), Mike Troy (Zigfield Troy), David Paeglow (Kishwaukee Country Club), Danny Mulhearn (Glen Oak Country Club), David Thompson (Crystal Lake Country Club).

Small was already exempt due to his 3rd place finish in the 33rd Senior PGA Professional Championship.

Dukelow was the only other player in the field to break par-finishing at 1 under par (143). Paeglow, Mulhearn and Thompson were the last players into the Senior PGA professional championship, by earning their spots by surviving a 3 for 6 places playoff.

The Senior PGA Professional Championship will have a field of 264 contestants, and a purse of $300,000. It was first played in 1989 for players 50 years of age and older. The top 35 finishers earn a position in the Senior PGA Championship. So for more details see


FRONT AND BACK the new Heritage Oaks Golf Club at 3535 Dundee Road in Northbrook, has a new clubhouse, practice range and green, and of course a newly redone golf course. See all that’s new at or call (847)-291-2351.

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Scotty Cameron’s NEW Jet Set Putters.

SCOTTY CAMERON has now created the look held by worldwide touring professionals.

The Special Select Jet Set Putters are a limited release. But there are four different models to pick from.

The new Jet Set putters will be available starting on August 19th.

Retail price will be $650.00.

The four models include four Newport models, of Newport and Newport 2. But they include the Jet Set Newport- what Cameron calls a “souped-up version” of the classic heel-and-toe weighted blade.

The Jet Set-Newport Plus. The plus is slightly wider when it’s measured from face to flange. Cameron expanded a fuller profile, with weight distribution to the perimeter.

JET SET NEWPORT 2-has been designed with it’s proven shape, with the plumbing neck and tri-sole of the modern Newport 2. There are limited amount of these style putters made for left-handed players.

SPECIAL SELECT JET SET NEWPORT 2-Plus. This model Cameron says splits the difference in flange width between a Select Newport 2 and a Squareback 2. Because this model offers the golfer a tour-inspired shape, it introduces the next profile in high performance blade design. But like the Newport 2, it’s milled in 303 stainless steel.

The newline comes with a Pistolini Plus grip, Jet Set shaft band and specialized headcover.

So learn more at


THE PRESERVE AT OAK MEADOWS is enjoying it’s first full season with a new clubhouse. So if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s time to go enjoy. See

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Rory Spears-host of Golfers on Golf Radio in studio at Am 750 WNDZ-Chicago.

IT’S 2022 and the problem continues.

Illinois Golf Hall of Fame inductee Tommy Bartlett wrote it back in the 1950’s.

But now over 60 years later, the problem continues, and now maybe it’s worse than ever.

Because the golf organizations are not listening to each other, and not talking to one another. It’s really sad and in some way’s a total disrespect to the players, the fans, the media, people who volunteer at golf tournaments. But also to golf fans who want to go see the best players in the game at all levels.

THE BAD EXAMPLE was this past week. The Illinois PGA has the Illinois Open Monday through Wednesday. But on top of that tournament was the 120th Western Amateur at Exmoor. Which is not exactly located all too close to the White Eagle Golf Club in Naperville.

But these tournaments only cross-over two days. Yes that’s bad-but not real bad. But then located downstate is the Illinois Women’s Golf Association-Illinois Junior Girls championship. But of course there is more.

GET THIS-THE PGA of America actually scheduled it’s national junior tournament this past week as well at Cog Hill. What were they thinking. Well they weren’t thinking at all.

Early in the year when dates were being discussed, the PGA of America national office called the Illinois PGA. The meeting was to discuss dates, ask for tournament operations help from the local IPGA office, and contact information for local media. As the story goes, the national office pitched a few dates to the local IPGA office. One of the dates proposed was August 1-5.

The PGA was told DO NOT pick the first week of August. The local office was running the Illinois Open and the media would be there or at the Western Amateur. So much to the surprise of the local IPGA office, the national office went ahead and scheduled right on top of the other events. This announcement left the local IPGA office stunned.

THE USUAL EXCUSE and it’s over-used and a real bad one is, “it’s the only day-week they/we could do it.” FYI, nobody actually believes that line anymore.

SO GUESS what’s happening next week. You guessed it-nothing. The following week, yep-nothing. This past week-four tournaments on top of each other. But guess what-it gets better in September.

With nothing the first two weeks, the third week has the USGA-Mid Amateur at Erin Hills. On top of that, is the LIV-Series of golf at Rich Harvest Farms in Sugar Grove. On top of that, is the Fighting Illini NCAA Invitational at Olympia Fields. But yes, there is the annual Women’s Western Golf Association annual meeting and Woman of Distinction Award presentation. Of course all these events are the same week. Guess what is happening in town the rest of the month-yep you guessed it-nothing.

AFTER SO MANY YEARS-it just keeps happening. Next year the WGA Korn Ferry tournament the NV5 Invitational moves into the crowded zone of late July. But it is easy to see why. Because of repeated weather issues on Memorial Day weekend. The new dates make the championship very important as to what’s happening overall in the yearly race to a PGA Tour-Tour Card.

So the players in the hunt for one, will all play. On the surface, these dates MIGHT play-out well. So we will see when everyone makes their tournament date announcements later this year or early next year.

SETTLERS HILL is open in Batavia, can’t wait to go see it. I plan to get there soon. But in the meantime-go book a tee time. You will enjoy the golf course. If your looking for a job in golf, Settlers Hill is hiring for a few positions. See

A HOT RUMOR over the weekend at the Western Amateur, was that there are big problems with the greens at Rich Harvest Farms, the site of next month’s LIV Series of Golf.

I traded emails with owner Jerry Rich on the subject. Two greens had POA issues that have been corrected. So there will not be problems with the greens by championship week. I have been invited by Rich to inspect all the greens, and I will do that.

But as for now-I’m saying the story is nothing more than a false alarm. Better news is that sales in all area’s are ahead of expectations. I hope that continues.

The Gog Blog returns all week. RS


INDOOR & OUTDOORS are among the dining options at the new Acorn Grill at the newly renovated Heritage Oaks Golf Club at 3535 Dundee Road in Northbrook. It’s no longer your fathers Sportsman’s. Visit or do call (847)-291-2351.

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Topgolf’s newest venue in the Seattle area, is now open.

DALLAS BASED TOPGOLF, after opening this past week in the Seattle Washington area, is not stopping there.

This week Topgolf has announced yet another new location in America.

Because on Friday August 12th, the newest Topgolf will open in Knoxville Tennessee.

This venue will be Topgolf’s 79th venue in America, and the third Topgolf in the State of Tennessee. So for more details see

It’s no longer just a playland for the deer. Settlers Hill in Batavia is now open.

SETTLERS HILL in Batavia is now open for business.

But if you are looking for a job at a golf club, Settlers Hill now has openings.

Visit online to fill out an application.

So after 20 months the golf course is open. It has some of the best elevated views that any course in the Chicagoland area has. So go try out the new practice range, short game area and golf course. The new clubhouse is not yet open for business.

PINE MEADOW GOLF CLUB in Mundelein has a 60 and over Senior Scramble this Wednesday August 10th. But it’s almost sold out. So call quickly (847)-566-4653.

THE JOHN DEERE CLASSIC will retain it’s dates in 2023. Because it will fall two weeks before the “Open Championship” July 5-8. So more details at

PURDUE UNIVERSITY in West Lafayette Indiana, has promoted Men’s golf coach Rob Bradley to Director of Golf for the schools golf programs. Bradley has been the men’s head golf coach for 9 years. But he will continue in that role, while over-seeing all of the universities golf programs. But more details at

MISSOULA MONTANA based Sun Mountain Golf has hired Wes Whittingham as it’s national sales manager. Whittingham was previously with Volvik Golf Balls.

THE 10th Michiana Hickory Golf Tournament will take place at the South Bend country Club on Sunday August 21st. Entrance fee is $80.00. But golfers wishing to play can find entrance forms on the Golf Heritage Society website.

RIDGEMOOR COUNTRY CLUB will host the 7th CDGA Amateur Four-Ball. Play begins tomorrow and runs through Wednesday the 10th. So visit for more information.

EDISON GOLF WEDGES has announced that DIY Do-it-Yourself club builders can now order club heads from Edison. So for more information see

The Coral Creek Club in Placida Florida

The Coral Creek Club in Placida Florida, on the state of Florida’s west coast has been sold.

Philadelphia based Golf Property Analysts represented the seller on the sale of the club.

Coral Creek is located next to a small and private airport. So it’s members can fly directly to the club.

Coral Creek is one of the top private clubs in Florida.

MYRTLE BEACH SOUTH CAROLINA GOLF NEWS has the area’s famed Tidewater Golf Club named Golf Course of the Year. By the South Carolina Golf Course Owners Association. MORE FROM MYRTLE-Grande Dunes Golf Club is on schedule to reopen September 15th from it’s summer long renovation. See details at

The NEW INN at Sentry World in Stevens Point Wisconsin.

Stevens Point Wisconsin. Sentry World has announced that daily tickets are now on sale for the 2023 U.S. Senior Open.

Wisconsin favorites Jerry Kelly and Steve Stricker are eligible to play, and both are expected to do so. Because both are expected to be favorites in the event.

The championship will be played from June 29th through July 2nd.

But to purchase tickets visit and for more information see

THE 2022 PGA Junior Championships were played at Cog Hill in Palos Park this past week. A top rated Kaitlyn Schroeder (ranked #6 junior) won by two shots after a final round 6 under par 66 brought her the trophy. University of Illinois commit Max Herendeen won the boys side by 5 shots. Herendeen shot a 16 under par (272) score that included a final round four under par 68. So Herendeen wins the Jack Nicklaus trophy with Illini Coach Mike Small watching. Details at

THE GOG BLOG SPEAKS OUT-returns tomorrow. RS


  THE NEW LOOK HERITAGE OAKS at 3535 Dundee Road in Northbrook has redone the driving range. It’s Double-Sided and complete with Trackman.

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Austin Greaser wins the 120th Western Amateur at Exmoor Country Club.

IF AT FIRST YOU DON’T SUCEED then try-try again.

Because in 2021 Austin Greaser of Vandalia Ohio (Dayton area) got close to winning two big amateur events.

First it was a final four in the Western Amateur at The Glen View Club. Then it was a trip to the championship match at the U.S. Amateur at historic Oakmont.

But Greaser admits he put a lot of work into those events, to fall just short of winning. But this year he was ready, ready to break through and win. Which is what he did at the 120th Western Amateur at Exmoor Country Club in Highland Park, with a 1 UP win over Mateo Fernandez de Oliveira. But Greaser might not be done yet. Because he says his game is in a place where he can win the U.S. Amateur in two weeks.

The win at Exmoor did not come easy. Because Greaser had to survive a playoff to make the match play part of the tournament. But then he had two hard matches in the final four to actually win the title.

Greaser pulled together late in his semi-final match, a birdie-eagle-birdie finish to win 3 & 2 over William Mouw of Chino California. That solid finish helped Greaser believe he could win in the afternoon.

Mateo Fernandez de Oliveira from Argentina, and part of the University of Arkansas Razorback’s golf team.

But in spite of the confidence, the championship match did not come easy.

Greaser was quickly 2 DN after three holes to Fernandez de Oliveira of Argentina. Fernandez holed his bunker shot on the third hole to take a solid early lead.

But Greaser fought back to make things all-square after the 8th hole. But Fernandez won holes 9 and 10 with short birdie putts and seemed to be in command with a 2 Up lead. Then Fernandez started having issues finding the fairway with his driver.

“I played a lot of golf this week and my legs were feeling it” said Fernandez. “The hot weather didn’t help either.” Fernandez had to play 17 holes in his morning match against Texas Longhorn Travis Vick in a 2 & 1 win. Temperatures in the hot sun at Exmoor, reached 93 degrees in the afternoon.

But after matching fives in the par-5 11th hole, the only thing hotter than the temperature was Greaser’s putter. Trailing 2 DN, Greaser said he stuck to his game plan. A plan that allowed him to birdie holes 12-13-14 and 15, to go from 2 DN to 2 UP.

Austin Greaser tee’s off the 6th hole, during the Western Amateur championship match.

After the players halved the 16th hole, Greaser was two up with two holes to play. But Fernandez fought back hard. After Greaser drove it almost 20 yards past Fernandez in the 17th fairway, Fernandez responded with a 9-iron to 4 feet. To a back-right pin. Then Greaser almost missed the green, but left himself a 6 foot side hill-down hill putt for the win. But the putt lipped out, and Fernandez drained his birdie putt the players were off to the 18th hole.

Greaser drove it 18 yards past Fernandez again. But both players were in the 18th fairway. Then Fernandez stuck a wedge 15 feet right of the cup. Greaser with wedge in-hand from 90 yards, then stunned himself and the galley as his wedge sailed long. It took one hop and bounced over the green into the deep rough.

But with a front right pin placement, Greaser had room to work with. His chip shot hit some 20 feet short of the cup. But on the downhill sloped green it kept creeping down to four feet above the hole. Fernandez putting for birdie and to force a playoff, slid his putt just past the top of the hole. Greaser then rolled his four foot putt dead-center into the cup for the win.

CLICK HERE to HEAR the full interview with Western Amateur Champion Austin Greaser.

After the U.S. Amateur, Greaser will return to the University of North Carolina. Greaser holed his approach shot last September at Olympia Fields from 168 yards out on 18, to win the Illini Invitational. Both for himself and for his Tarheel team, who are looking forward to returning to Olympia Fields next month. Greaser expects to turn professional next June after his upcoming college season ends. But if he elects to try and make the Walker Cup team, his plans could change.

Next years 121st Western Amateur will be played at the North Shore Country Club in Glenview, located in Chicago’s northern suburbs.