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IT’S FINALLY TIME for the most over hyped event in golf to finally begin.

So if your from Chicago and you thought the Bears QB Justin Fields trade saga was drawn out-well that’s nothing compared to the pre-masters hype.

BECAUSE IF YOU have heard all the pre-masters hype, you probably burned out of this week, back right before the first April Fool’s Jokes were told. Yes Pre-Masters hype has become that bad, to a point this tradition like any other, is like a tradition that shouldn’t continue.

SO WHAT HIT’S you as bad, is when in mid-December CBS Television is showing Masters Promo’s at Halftime of it’s NFL games. Seriously, can we please get through Christmas-New Years of this year, before we talk next April of the following year. THANK YOU. CBS don’t get stupid.

Arnie is at the Shack all week long. The Shack 1717 Chestnut in Glenview. New simulators and a new putting green. So book a hitting bay at or call (847)-904-2905.

SO THE FIRST OF THE YEAR BEGINS, there are plenty of college football games and NFL playoff games to hype.

MAYBE that championship football game too, it’s called the Super Bowl, maybe you have heard of it.

But by now-March Madness is just 60 days out, yes with that tradition of standing on a ladder and cutting down the nets. T-Shirts and Hats will do, no green jackets are necessary.

However the talk seems to be, about who is in, when it’s who is out should be more like it. The Masters has the smallest and the weakest field of any of the majors, since several in the field can no longer compete. They are here for the reunion part of the event, and a nice traditional dinner on Tuesday night.

IF YOU HAVE HEARD GARY PLAYER’S comments about where the Masters ranks in terms of the other majors (last), and you thought he was crazy. Do take a step back and look at the big picture, maybe Player wasn’t so far off base after all.

THE NEW TRADITION for the tournament in Augusta Georgia, is weeks of arguing who should get in the field. With LIV winners still getting the shaft.

The PGA Tour becomes months of debate of what unknown’s will grab the final invites to get in the Masters field. But not what a win on tour or the money, does for their career, life on tour and endorsement potential.

NEW TRADITION’S include Tiger talk of can he walk, can he make the cut, or those with Azalea colored glasses on saying how Tiger is in Augusta to win. One of the best exchanges on Twitter-X 3 weeks ago, was a guy who asked if Phil or Tiger had a better chance to win this year. The great response was a guy saying Ben Hogan or Arnold Palmer had a better shot of winning.

NEW TRADITION’S include discussion on one tee box moving back an entire 35 yards. So far it appears the pro’s don’t like it. OLD TRADITIONS seem to make this week a great place to discuss the rollback of the golf ball. Another unpopular topic among golfers, both amateur and professional alike.

SO IF YOU enjoy the Masters for what it is, or what it’s supposed to be. Which is a dinner on Tuesday, a Par-3 contest on Wednesday, great concession prices for patrons in attendance, three old former champions hitting ceremonial tee shots on Thursday, before 63 holes of golf, and then to proceed to the “Back-Nine-on-Sunday” shootout. Let us hope it’s gets back that way.

Because the build-up is taking the fun out of-“A Tradition Unlike Any Other.” Then turning it into a tradition golf can do with out. RS


THE SHACK is ready for you to drop in during Masters Week ahead, Arnie is waiting at the bar, and the new simulators are open. or (847)-904-2905.

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Joie Chitwood Presidents Cup Chairman with the Presidents Cup at Medinah Country Club, home to the 2026 Presidents Cup.

2026 is not that far away. Because it will be here sooner than you think.

THIS WEEK our podcast is with 2026 Presidents Cup Chairman Joie (Joey) Chitwood.

After the green jacket is on the new champions shoulders, the hospitality push begins for 2026 at Medinah.

Back in 2012 Medinah Country Club shattered the PGA’s record for tent sales and hospitality dollars. Chitwood believes sales another record can be broken at Medinah when it comes to hospitality for the Presidents Cup.

The historic Medinah Clubhouse behind the 18th hole of it’s championship course #3

2012 Ryder Cup Team USA member and 2020/2021 Ryder Cup Captain Steve Stricker headlines a breakfast in downtown Chicago, just 10 days out where the sales push will tee off.

CHITWOOD TOOK all questions from Golfers on Golf with no subject off the table. Chitwood has taken his strong background in auto racing build-outs that include Indianapolis, Daytona and Joliet Illinois. He has brought it to golf in places like Bay Hill, and now Medinah Country Club.

Because with renovations to Medinah’s #3 Championship golf course, and the President’s Cup being a match play event. Most matches can end on holes other than the 18th. So how does that play into where the fans can watch the clinching moments, where TV can showcase the golf and Medinah’s new golf holes.

CLICK HERE to HEAR the entire interview with Medinah 2026 President’s Cup Chairman Joie Chitwood.

The 2024 Presidents Cup will be played at Royal Montreal in Canada. Where the International Team will attempt to win back the Presidents Cup. Because Team USA won the most recent matches at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte North Carolina. But in-fact team USA has won the Cup outright in straight meetings.

Golfers on Golf will continue to follow developments on the 2026 Presidents Cup at Medinah Country Club, until September of 2026.


  THE SHACK AT 1717 CHESTNUT IN GLENVIEW is open and ready for some golfers who want to play in warm surroundings. So play some golf, watch some golf and all the hoops this weekend. The food is great and Arnie is waiting for you at the bar. So visit or call the Shack at (847)-904-2905. Golf season is now longer.

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Callaway Golf and G-TECH hand warming pouches.

ANNETSBERGER GOLF COURSE part of the Northbrook Park District, will open for the 2024 golf season this Saturday April 6th.

Annetsberger is the 9-hole par-3 style golf course, located near Waukegan Road, and a few miles away from the golf courses of Heritage Oaks on Dundee Road.

APRIL 12th there will be a Callaway Golf fitting day at Heritage Oaks. All fitting prices are $60 dollars. But the fee can be applied to a purse made that day. So all fittings are 30 minutes, unless you are getting a full bag fitting, which is 60 minutes.

DO YOU NEED a warm golf weekend inside, try the 3 simulators at the Schaumburg Golf Club-401 North Roselle Road See or call (847)-885-9000 and visit Chandlers Chophouse next to the pro shop.

HOURS OF OPERATION are now extending, including the driving range where range balls can be purchased until 7 pm. Do stop in to the Acorn Grill, and check out the specials, like Taco Tuesdays and Wings on Wednesdays.

But for more information on Heritage Oaks visit or call the pro shop at (847)-291-2351.

CHAPPEL HILL Golf Course in McHenry has pushed back it’s opening for the season from today, until Monday April 8th due to poor weather this week.

THE GOG BLOG returns tomorrow. RS


  NEW SIMULATORS AND A PUTTING GREEN. So take it back indoors until the real outdoor golf season arrives. But even then, when it’s too hot too humid or rainy, the Shack is the place to be. So join Arnie at the bar and book a hitting bay online at or call the Shack at (847)-904-2905 1717 Chestnut-Glenview.

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The Winners of LIV Golf at Rich Harvest Farms in 2022 and 2023. But sadly there will be no LIV Golf at Rich Harvest Farms in 2024.

LIV Golf has been very slow in deciding the host venues for it’s last two events this year. As the story goes, LIV has been slow in picking venues for it’s year end events.

ALL 3 simulators are open at Schaumburg Golf Club located at 401 North Roselle Road in Schaumburg. So book your simulator time at or call (847)-885-9000

So did LIV Golf miss the deadline that was set to announce a return to Rich Harvest Farms this season. Maybe So.

But regardless, a club official speaking with Golfers on Golf today confirmed that would be no return this season.

“It’s been decided that after two successful seasons at Rich Harvest Farms, that the clubs membership will not have any disruptions to it’s play at RHF this year.”

A return to RHF by LIV Golf has not been ruled out for any year past 2024. THIS WEEK LIV GOLF returns to action in Miami at Trump Golf Doral.


  IT’S TIME FOR THE MOMMENT to take it back inside. So great news the Schaumburg Golf Club at 401 North Roselle Road has all three simulators open for play. Chandlers Chophouse is open. So book a bay today at or (847)-885-9000.

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The Village Links of Glen Ellyn is getting ready for renovations, and master planning is underway.

VILLAGE LINKS is getting some work done.

But the first day of dirt turning over is still TBD.

So for the second time tonight, the Village offered an open house to discuss the planned improvements.

Project architect Greg Martin was present to help with the presentation, and take questions from golfers attending the open house.

Architect Greg Martin explains the planned improvements for Village Links Golf Course In Glen Ellyn.

But if you missed the first open house, and or even the second one, you can still review the presentation.

The Village of Glen Ellyn did record the open house, and the presentation is on video.

So you can visit the course website at to see the presentation and download a proposed master plan by Martin.

But Village Links and Martin are still reviewing input from golfers who play at the golf course. But do remember there will be no work done on the course in 2024. So swing away and enjoy golf season at Village Links in Glen Ellyn.


  TIME TO BRING IT INSIDE FOR AT LEAST ANOTHER WEEK. The weather is and has been awful. Which is why some clubs have not yet opened for outdoor play. So right now you can tee it indoors at the Schaumburg Golf Club at 401 North Roselle. Because all three simulators are open for golf, and Chandlers Chophouse is open. But you can book your tee times for next week at or call (847)-885-9000.

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. On the par-3 17th hole on the new Pinehurst 10. Photo by Derek Duncan of GD.

WHAT A WEEK THIS WILL BE, the last quiet one before the Masters tee’s off.

But in all honesty, there has been so much Masters talk for a month now, I’m almost burned out of the hype to a point, where I’m not interested in watching much of Masters week.

WHICH IS WHY it was so refreshing to be in Pinehurst last week, where the focus is on the U.S. Open and not the Masters.

SO WHAT IS interesting is how small the Masters field will be. Good thing a few players won in the last few weeks on the PGA Tour, that finally punched their ticket to go have a shot at a green jacket.

The Shack 1717 Chestnut in Glenview, is open with 4 new simulators. Make this a great week to take your game indoors, and enjoy Nick’s food at Arnie Bar’s. See or call (847)-904-2905.

THE MASTERS has the weakest field of any of the four majors.

Because it’s a short field to begin with, and their are plenty of amateurs, that include some youngsters from the Far East.

But there is plenty to like about Augusta National week. Better controlled galleries, really cool flowers. How will players adapt to extra 35 yards on the par-5 13th hole.

The Par-3 contest should be exciting, if for no other reason it always is.

GOOD NEWS is that by next week the weather down south should be a bit better. But will that be enough to help Rory McIIroy finally earn his green jacket and a career Grand Slam. But word on Twitter-X said McIlroy had a practice round earlier today, and carded a 79. OOPS! if Rory was even half trying to score and post a number, I’m betting he wasn’t.

IT HAS BEEN AWFUL weather here this week, and golfers have been headed back to the golf domes (Like Mistwood Golf Dome in Bolingbrook) and the simulators this week. Snow is expected tomorrow, we will see. I would hope this is the end of the spring-winter season.

PINEHURST #10 opens tomorrow. It will be interesting to see how the official opening day for #10 goes. Who plays, the weather conditions and all. If you are heading towards Pinehurst in the days, weeks and months ahead. Do put #10 on your hit list, it is well worth it.

LIV GOLF is on the tee this week at the Blue Monster in Miami-Trump Doral. While this all sounds good, when is LIV going to decide on Chicago this year. It would be nice to know if year three of LIV Golf Chicago is going to happen.

DUPAGE GOLF has announced that all three of it’s golf courses, Maple Meadows, The Preserve at Oak Meadows and Green Meadows are now all open for the 2024 golf season.

CHAPEL HILL in McHenry will open for the season on Friday April 5th.

THE GOG BLOG returns tomorrow. RS


MISTWOOD GOLF CLUB is open for the outdoor season. Located on Renwick Road in Romeoville, Mistwood one of Chicago’s top public courses, offers 18 holes, the state of the art performance center, and McWethy’s Tavern. Check out the Spring events that are planned at or call (815)-254-3333-Home to Illinois Women’s Open.

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Pinehurst Executive Vice President Matt Massei in his office that overlooks The Cradle and Thistle-Dhu at the Pinehurst Resort.

PODCAST DAY is here, with our guest from the Pinehurst Resort in Pinehurst North Carolina, Executive Vice President Matt Massei.

IT’S A BUSY TIME in Pinehurst with the opening of the new Course #10 only days away, and the U.S. Open now less than 90 days out.

Construction projects are still on-going as the resort readies for the national championship of golf.

MASSEI HAS BEEN at Pinehurst for over 25 years, and was the first head golf professional at Course #8. Shortly afterwards Massei became the resorts Director of Golf, before moving on to two other properties. A few years ago Massei returned to Pinehurst as EVP, and right hand man to resort President Tom Pashley.

NICK LARKIN invites you over to his Shack at 1717 Chestnut in Glenview. 4 new simulators, and a putting green. So avoid this weeks rain and snow and golf it indoors. or call (847)-904-2905

LAST WEEK MASSEI took a break from various meetings that were calling his name, to sit down with Golfers on Golf, and talk everything Pinehurst.

Topics ranged from the new Course #10, to the U.S. Open, the ongoing renovations of the landmark Carolina Hotel, the next Course, #11 with Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw, and how the resort still has a full punch-list of improvements in it’s next five-year masterplan. Being a USGA anchor site, and home to the returning World Golf Hall of Fame and more.

No questions or topics were off the record-so it was a grip it and rip it session.

CLICK HERE TO HEAR the full podcast with Pinehurst EVP Matt Massei. (24:57)

Thanks to Matt Massei for sitting down with Golfers on Golf and giving an inside view of the Home or Cradle of American Golf. But for more information on Pinehurst, and your next play and stay-see


  MISTWOOD IS NOW FULLY OPEN at the golf course, and in the golf dome, where Oliva is ready with a cold one of your choice. The Dome in Bolingbrook on Rt. 53, call (630)-739-7600. The golf course in Romeoville on Renwick road, call (815)-254-3333.

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The Scorecard of Pinehurst #10-Opening this Wednesday.


PINEHURST #10 Sand Mines-the new course at Pinehurst opens for public play this coming Wednesday April 3rd.

This past week, I got a sneak peak of the new #10 by architect Tom Doak and lead Associate Angela Moser. It’s a good one-add it to your bucket list. RS.

#10 is opening, after being built in nearly record time, fitting into a window Doak had for construction.

BRINGING DOAK and lead associate Angela Moser to build #10, when long time front runners Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw were booked and not available, has turned out to be a stroke of genius for Pinehurst. Doak and Moser have delivered a solid product, and on time before the U.S. Open tee’s off in some 80 days.

The Gog Blog by Rory Spears, Director of Content and Creation Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter-X @GogBlogGuy or connect on LinkedIn/Instagram or Facebook. On the par-3 17th of Pinehurst #10. Photo by Derek Duncan.

PINEHURST #10 is the beginning of a new property, within a property that has existed for over 100 years.

FORMERLY known as the Pit Golf Course, #10 uses part of the land that “The Pit” existed on.

THE PINEHURST RESORT not only owns the land of the old Pit Golf Course, but has purchased some adjoining land.

So the total acreage is over 900+ acres. Because Pinehurst has some elbow room to work with, #10 is not the end of what will be the new area of Pinehurst. But located in the neighboring town of Aberdeen, on an old sand mine. So the new course name comes from the history of the property.

Doak’s #10 design uses many of the Pit’s front nine holes, but then the remaining routing comes from the newly acquired land. Courses #10 and #11 when it’s built by Coore and Crenshaw, will share the Pit’s old first hole.

But what they share will be a double-ended driving range. With Course #10 golfers on one end, and Course #11 golfers using the other end, located near the old Pit Course clubhouse. That clubhouse still stands, but is now a construction office. It’s also a great place to currently ride out a rain storm with lightning. But will be torn down once Course #11 is built.

The opening tee shot on Pinehurst 10. Par-4 first hole 447 yards, to front tees of 336 yards.

The Course #10 and 11 area, is expected to add another par-3 course, large putting green, and villa’s.

But the designer’s for those projects are still TBD.

Course #10 will be the focus around Pinehurst for about 5 weeks, until things revolve around the playing of the 124th U.S. Open in June.

So once the U.S. Open is in the books, the focus can return to the development of the new property. Coore and Crenshaw have been walking the land that had been the back nine of the Pit Course. But the routing that could be the winner of the new #11 Course, apparently will not incorporate to many of the old holes from The Pit.

The par-3 second hole, plays from 182 yards to 100 yards from the front tees.

But while Course #10 opens this week, there is a punch list to still finish up.

So do know there are no golf carts on the course. So yes, you are walking, or pushing a Trolley, or taking a Pinehurst caddie.

Based on experience, taking a caddie is currently your best option. But plan “B” would be walking and carrying yourself. So plan “C” for now, is taking the Trolley. Because right now, and still on the punch list, is developing a solid routing on every hole from tee to fairway when using the Trolley. The same issue applies when walking from green to the next tee box with a Trolley. Pinehurst in short order-will get that issue under control.

The Short par-4 fourth hole plays 342 from the tips, but 260 from the front tees. Most players will play the hole around 300 yards.

Currently the greens aren’t playing very fast. But they will get up to a normal number on the Stimpmeter before long.

Some caddies were guessing the “speed” at about “8” this past week, before the rain showed up.

The trailer near the first tee, is not yet stocked with merchandise, carrying the new logo. But that will be changing very quickly. Some wooden boxes will soon have water in them, and a newly built and very creatively painted food truck will serve hungry and thirsty golfers.

  SCHAUMBURG GOLF CLUB is open inside and out. All three simulators and all 27 outdoor holes are open. So book your tee time online or by calling the pro shop at (847)-885-9000. SGC is now offering Trackman on it’s range outside. But for more information see (R) THE SHACK Golf Club has now finished it’s expansion, by adding four new simulators and a putting green. Located at 1717 Chestnut in Glenview, see or call (847)-904-2905. #BookaBay.

Take it over, or take it around the mound. The par-4 8th hole has a tee shot that resembles another Pinehurst area golf course’s 1st hole. Which road to the hole will you choose.

But what #10 offers the golfer, is a different style of Pinehurst golf.

Yes there is sand, and tree lined fairways. No there is not plenty of water on every hole.

But what #10 brings is a newer look to how the waste area’s were built. When it comes to the walk, that is something that golfers will find different than the resorts other courses.

Bottom Line-it’s not so flat. Because #10 is elevation change to the extent not found on the other Pinehurst resort courses. So be prepared to burn calories, even with a caddie. Not all of it is evident from the tee box, but wait until you get to the green and turn around and look backwards down the fairway.

The late holes on the front nine and early holes on the backside are where things move around the most. Par is 70, there are four sets of tee’s, but with some hybrid mixes worked in, golfers can create up to seven different yardages to play from. The back tee’s top out at 7,020, with 4,985 from the front tees. The par-5 tenth hole is the longest hole on the course, playing 634 yards. But the 14th hole is a 264 yard par-3, and the 13th hole is a 508 yard par-4, for those who enjoy a long hitting challenge. Doak did add a few humps and bumps in the greens.

Doak and Moser mixed up the par’s, with five par-3’s and three par-5’s (no par-5’s after the 12th hole). The waste area’s are deceptive, in how far they carry out from the tee’s, because of the elevation changes. A majority of the strategy golfers will need, will come from the tee shot they are going to hit.

But for more information on playing Course #10 and booking a Pinehurst stay, where it’s always a beautiful day, visit


  WE ARE OPEN & WE ARE OPEN TOO! Mistwood Golf Club in Romeoville (L) or in Bolingbrook in the Mistwood Golf Dome on Rt. 53. Catch the Madness-The Sauce Madness, and brings the clubs and the appetite. or the golf course at Lessons, Club-fittings, Toptracer Golf and more hoops.

THE TENTH ON #10. The Gog Blog by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on X-Twitter @GogBlogGuy or connect on LinkedIn-Facebook or Instagram.


I HAVE run out of the last blast of winter in the Chicago area. So it’s back to Pinehurst for the third time this year.

So there is much to see, and much to do, from the unfinished business list of January and February.

Pinehurst has started setting up for the U.S. Open, now that it’s less than 100 days out. The new hotel renovations at the Carolina, the new Course #10 is just 10 days from opening. Renovations at the Carolina Hotel are about finished after three years of work. YES as the saying goes, it’s a beautiful day in Pinehurst. So I’m glad to be back at the Home of American Golf.

TEN #10 and PINEHURST 10 it’s opening early next month. So I think golfers will enjoy the course from what I have seen in my recent visits. Because other than the local Pinehurst newspaper reporter from “The Pilot”, I was the first media to go exploring on the new #10 course property.

But what was an adventure, was my first trip to the “Pit Golf Course” property, when it was nothing but an abandoned golf course. The story I wrote after that visit, earned comments for many months. But it proved to me, when Pinehurst got around to a full reimagining of the property, there would be plenty of interest from golfers everywhere.

Pinehurst Director of Grounds Bob Farren was kind of enough to drive me around in his truck in January of 2023. Tree’s were still being cut down, and fires were lit to burn up piles of debris and smaller trees.

The routing of Pinehurst 10 being cleared in Jan. of 2023.

Tom Doak’s lead associate Angela Moser was on-site, and Doak was expected back on property in three weeks.

Moser was kind enough to do her first interview about the Course #10 project with me, sitting in the front seat of my Jeep, as the temperatures were only in the upper 30’s.

What became clear is that someday, Moser will be one of the leading design architects in the world, not just one of the best women architects, one of the best design architects overall.

EARLIER THIS YEAR my visit back to the quickly maturing property on a 14 degree morning, showed me that Doak and Moser had done the property a real service. What I have called a “dazzling display of design”, is the capturing of Pinehurst flavored golf at the new #10. But by the time Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw wrap up #11 on the same site, the old Pit area, might not be referred to as a Pit anymore.

MY THIRD VISIT to the old Pit Course land is this week, this time with clubs in hand. I’m ready to see what Doak and Moser have dialed up. My #10 preview will run here later this week.

U.S. Open preparations are underway on course #2. Bleachers and more are going up. The new USGA building and World Golf Hall of Fame facility in the parking lot of the Pinehurst Clubhouse, are quickly taking shape.

So I am really looking forward to a third Pinehurst trip in 2024. If you have never been to Pinehurst, it’s time to go, or time to return if it’s been a few years.

IT IS A SPECIAL YEAR in the Cradle or the Home of American Golf. RS


  MISTWOOD OPENS THIS THURSDAY-So do you have a tee time booked already. The Performance center will be open-get club fittings, lessons, and a bar.

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Heritage Oaks in Northbrook with the best public course bag drop staff in the North Shore, opens for 2024 on Friday March 29th.

Heritage Oaks Golf Club at 3535 Dundee Road in Northbrook, will reopen for the 2024 golf season this Friday March 29th.

So book your tee times by calling the pro shop at (847)-291-2351. But you do have the option of booking online.

The Trackman Range is already open for the season. But if the weather gets a little chilly, the two simulators are still open. So is the Acorn Grille.

  Heritage Oaks  3535 Dundee Road in Northbrook. Photo-The 18 green on the Classic 18 golf course. Golf ball special, buy 3 dozen get a 4th dozen free. See HP-John Billiter.

The Mistwood Golf Dome on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook. or call (630)-739-7600.


So have you signed up yet.

Because if you wish to participate this coming Thursday March 28th from 2-6 Pm, you do need to register in advance.

So if you have any questions about demo day, or fittings with Mistwood Golf, contact Eric Russell. You can register for the Cobra Golf fitting day at Outdoor golf season is coming-get fit for clubs now.

FIVE IRON GOLF is offering free golf for women on Wednesdays in the month of March from 5-8 pm. So for more information see

EATHAN PASCHAL and VANESSA BOROVILOS were the winners at the 2024 Dustin Johnson World Junior Golf Championship at TPC Myrtle Beach. Paschal will attend North Carolina and Borovilos will attend Texas A&M.

SWING CONTROL has renewed it’s partnership with Women on Course. Details at or

PARS UNDER THE STARS the night golf event at Foxford Hills in Cary, will be held on May 18th. So to sign up call the pro shop at (847)-639-0400.

LIV GOLF has announced a partnership with U.S. based Streaming Network Caffeine to show LIV Golf events through the end of 2024.

NOW in the Hive at Bettinardi Golf-Air Strike.



NOW UNDER new management, that has already brought numerous improvements to the resort.

Two golf courses, the famed El Campeon and Los Colinas.

So you can now learn more at

During the spring season, you can take advantage of specials that can allow you to save up to 40% on your next stay,

SUPERSTROKE congratulates Jake Knapp on his win at the Mexico Open on the PGA Tour. The specs on Knapp’s grip are length 10.99, Core .058, Weight 58 grams and width 0.99, learn more at Superstroke/

THE WAIT IS OVER you can now book your golf on Sedge Valley at Sand Valley. Because opening day is now July 1st, of 2024.

THE PGA OF AMERICA has announced it’s renewed it’s partnership with Women’s Golf Day, the has now evolved into Women’s Golf Week. So for more details visit or

SWAN HILLS GOLF CLUB in Northern Illinois (Belvidere) is for sale. But the club has a positive cash flow and space for improvements in several area’s. So for more information please contract Chris Charnas at

THE GOG BLOG Speaks Out-returns tomorrow. RS