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Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa’s new ‘steward’ Mark Klausner stands in the redone General Course pro shop.

WHILE SEVERAL SURROUNDING STATES have multiple golf resort destinations, Illinois for the most part has just one.

The Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa in the beautiful Northwest Corner of Illinois, Galena.

Galena isn’t a big town, but it’s got a both a historic side and an atmosphere that’s fun to enjoy. Especially when the warm summer months come around.

But Galena is a town that relies to a point on tourism, and people coming to town to relax and enjoy themselves. In that manner Eagle Ridge Resort is no different. It offers 63 holes of golf, a relaxing spa, and plenty of food and drink options. But if want to just enjoy nature, there is no shortage of that at Eagle Ridge.

Because of the resorts 63 holes of golf, it’s golf that really does drive the business of Eagle Ridge. But in recent years, with east coast ownership of the resort losing touch with what had made the resort so attractive for years, it was time for change.

The Highlands restaurant and the General Golf Course sit right near the front entrance of the property.

ENTER MARK KLAUSNER, who had been living in the Galena Territory for years, and noticed that things had changed, and decided to try and make Eagle Ridge the attractive property it once was.

So back in 2019 right before the pandemic hit, Klausner and wife Kathy decided to step up and purchase the resort.

Sometimes you look at things, and think you can fix what stands out. But one of the first things Klausner realized after buying the property, is how much needed to be done from the infrastructure standpoint. Because there was plenty to fix that would cost money, real money, and they were things the homeowners, members and resort guests would never see or notice.

So Klausner rolled up his sleeves and went to work. Klausner doesn’t like to call himself the owner of Eagle Ridge, but the current steward’s of the property. Klausner might be the new General of a property that’s famous for the resorts General Golf Course, but he hardly runs the resort in any type of military fashion or the way Union General U.S. Grant would have.

Klausner grew up on the South Side of Chicago, before he and his wife moved to Aurora and lived there for close to 30 years.

The General golf course has flipped the 9’s, so hole #18 is the old hole #9.

After visiting Galena and Eagle Ridge for years, Klausner was ready to try different locations for vacations.

But at the last minute an opportunity arose that would keep the Klausner’s in Galena. There was some very nice secluded land, 7 acres worth that was on the market.

Klausner made an offer that he didn’t think would get accepted. But it was accepted and the rest is history. The funny thing was, Klausner could have sold out just as quickly. One of his neighbor’s who wanted the property, learned of the sale after Klausner bought the land. The neighbor called Klausner three times trying to buy the land, with solid offers. But after briefly thinking about those offers, Klausner decided to stay-put especially after Kathy said she wanted no-part of selling out.

The Roger Packard-Andy north designed General golf course, celebrates it’s 25th birthday on May 25th.

SEVERAL YEARS BACK Klausner’s property at Eagle Ridge changed, at the hands of Mother Nature.

A small micro-burst came through on the backside of Klausner’s land.

“It took out at least 30 trees and made a mess of things in the backyard,” said Klausner. ‘When my kids came over for the holidays, they helped chop up the fallen trees, and I now have a large pile of firewood.”

But Klausner actually had more than that. Because the fallen trees opened some outstanding views of the valley’s around his home. For the Klausner’s, Galena never looked so good. The views guests have are also really good from the patio dining area outside the General Clubhouse and Lounge 289.

Currently even though the rebuilding is still going on, Eagle Ridge is starting to fly high again. The General Clubhouse has been redone, and work continues on the golf courses. The new 15,000+ square foot spa, opens July 13th on the previous location of the resorts general store.

Klausner has found ways to improve how the resorts operates, getting rid of propane and bringing in large solar panels to improve energy sources. The four golf courses are seeing changes and improvements.

CLICK HERE to hear the full interview with Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa’s ‘Steward’, Mark Klausner.

Klausner a total sports fan of Chicago’s sports teams, really enjoyed the White Sox Field of Dreams game with the Yankee’s last year. But now is looking forward to the Cubs Field of Dream’s game come this August.

So if your looking forward to your next getaway, that includes some rounds of golf and relaxing spa time. Make your return or enjoy your first stay at Eagle Ridge by visiting EagleRidge.com or call the resort at (800)-892-2269.

The new ‘stewards’ welcome you to the Galena Territory and Eagle Ridge Resort.


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Welcome to Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa in Galena Illinois.

WHEN EAGLE RIDGE RESORT & SPA in Galena was sold in 2019, new owner Mark Klausner immediately put together a punch list to assess, what issues he had to address. To get the resort back on track as soon as possible.

As the list came together, one of the glaring issues was the condition of the equipment used to maintain the grounds of the resort.

But as a 63 hole golf facility, it had become difficult to maintain the golf courses, and some area’s had grown out of control because there was no way to control them.

AFTER BEING INFORMED of the status of the mowers and other equipment, Klausner immediately took action. Because when the newest piece of equipment you have is just shy of it’s 10th birthday, it’s time for an overhaul.

South Course Superintendent Fred Steiger sits on one of his new toys, in the new South Course maintenance facility.

KLAUSNER made no secret of his plans to keep the best golf destination property in Illinois, rebuilt Illinois style, with Illinois companies.

NOTHING RUNS LIKE A DEERE, and that’s Moline Illinois based company John Deere.

Klausner and his grounds team needed equipment that would run, and put the property and golf courses back in shape.

General Course Superintendent Sam Marzahl on his new John Deere tractor with his dog Callaway.

JOHN DEERE is the leading supplier of equipment to golf courses around the world. They are also the official equipment supplier to the PGA Tour, and the network of PGA Tour (TPC) golf facilities.

Including the John Deere Classic at TPC Deere Run in Silvis Illinois.

So Klausner and Eagle Ridge Resort entered into a new three-year equipment deal with John Deere. So the great news for golfers is that a new conditioning program is underway on the resorts 63 holes. With a new fleet of John Deere equipment that’s a three million dollar investment over three years.

The Eagle Ridge Resort golf maintenance staff is hard at work with it’s new fleet of John Deere golf equipment.

So when your enjoying your next round of golf at Eagle Ridge.

Because of the great playing condition your finding on the golf course. Think about the investment to make golf rounds, even more enjoyable.

A top notch fleet of golf course maintenance equipment goes a long way.

NOTHING RUNS LIKE A DEERE and as a result, the 63 holes of golf at Eagle Ridge are back running much better than they were 2 years ago.

Learn more about Eagle Ridge and Spa, and plan your next play and stay by visiting EagleRidge.com.


EAGLE RIDGE IS FLYING HIGH AGAIN as the General Turns 25, on May 25th. But then the new Spa will open on July 13th. Learn more by visiting Eagleridge.com today.

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John Schlaman is ready to go on the South Course at Eagle Ridge.


But to hear John Schlaman tell it, maybe he never left. Regardless Schlaman is back to his roots in golf, and for Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa that’s a good thing.

Because if you go back to the 1980’s, Schlaman was getting started in golf. He had a great position at Eagle Ridge for a long run, and enjoyed his time there.

But things changed in Galena, and destination golf was changing in the Midwest. There was more places to go, and surrounding states were on the move and recruiting Illinois and Chicago area golfers to come visit.

It didn’t matter, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, and Indiana were all states building newer properties. Some pretty good ones too.

So Schlaman decided it was time for change in his career. He moved closer to Chicago and ended up in West Chicago at Prairie Landing Golf Club. But the next thing Schlaman knew, 15 years in West Chicago had gone by pretty quickly.

Schlaman then spent a couple of years in Florida before heading back to Galena. He figured it was time to retire, until it wasn’t.

NEW DIRECTOR OF GOLF MIKE WEILER quickly learned Schlaman was back in town. Weiler had immediate need for a South Course manager, so the next thing Schlaman knew, he was back to work.

“They needed the help and so here I am,” said Schlaman. “My career now feels like it’s gone full circle.”

Weiler was quick to sing Schlaman’s praises. ” I think the first weekend John was back with us, he tore apart the South Clubhouse and was cleaning the place from top to bottom. I mean on his hands and knees scrubbing, and shampooing carpets. Relocating shelves and putting merchandise in places where golfers will see it and make a purchase.”

CLCIK HERE to hear the interview with Eagle Ridge South Course Manager John Schlaman.

So now golfers who once said to Schlaman during his Prairie Landing days, “hey I know you from Eagle Ridge.” Can now say, “don’t I know you from Prairie Landing.”

As the summer golf season moves along, Schlaman expects to see plenty of old familiar faces from both Eagle Ridge and Prairie Landing. Because word is getting around, he’s back.

Learn more about Galena’s Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa at Eagleridge.com.


THE GENERAL AT EAGLE RIDGE Turns 25-May 25TH isn’t time for you to go join the celebration. See more at Eagleridge.com The new Spa at Eagle Ridge opens July 13.

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or connect on LinkedIn or Facebook. On the new 18th green at the General part of Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa.


THE PGA of AMERICA tee’s off the PGA Championship this week in Southern Hills.

A Championship that was not supposed to be played there. Because the tournament had to be moved away from a Trump Golf property, the PGA tee’s off in Oklahoma this week.

I have played Southern Hills twice, it’s not a bad golf course. But it didn’t wow me, and I never thought it was really Top 100 material. But now that architect Gil Hanse has wrapped up his redo of the course, maybe it’s better. So I’ll be watching to see how it looks and how it plays, along with who takes home the Wanamaker Trophy.

There is of course talk about who is there, and who is not. The defending champion is not there, and yes that is sad. Last year at Kiawah on the Ocean Course was pretty special. This week all we have so far is a post on Twitter with a sign at Southern Hills, that had listed the very high drink prices. It got a very negative reaction. Here in Chicago people must be in disbelief that some sports event is charging more for beer, wine or cocktails, than Wrigley Field during a Cubs game.

THE NCAA REGIONALS get rolling today. The Fighting Illini aren’t off to a great start on Day 1, at the New Haven Regional and the Yale Golf Course. I’m thrilled the golf course is open for play and back in top condition. it was closed during Covid for months, and wasn’t well kept-up very well. Gil Hanse and his Caveman team are coming in the months ahead to do a restoration. That will be good to see. As for Illinois, lets go guys. Time to step it up.

Golf Shot Energy-For Focus and Endurance on the golf course.



I met the team from Golf Shot at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando this past January.

Then I tried all three flavors, Blueberry, Raspberry and Lime. All tasted good. What they did for me at the show, was keep me from getting tired, late in the day as I walked the convention center floor.

BUT THE REAL TEST was trying it before hitting the golf course up here in Illinois. Especially when in April the weather was cold, the wind was blowing strong and the conditions just took a lot out of you. After trying Golf Shot on three different days, I just wasn’t as worn out as I would have thought.

So if your looking for a little more energy on the golf course, and not wanting to hit the wall and crash like some energy drinks leave you feeling. Try Golf Shot, it’s worth the investment, for yourself and in your game. GetGolfShot.com.

The White Course at Twin Orchard Country Club in Long Grove IL.

THERE IS MORE RENOVATION NEWS in the Northern Suburbs.

Twin Orchard Golf Club in Long Grove is upgrading facilities in advance of it’s 2024 Centennial.

The biggest upgrades will be addition of new Pickleball Courts, and renovation work to it’s White Golf Course.

Club President Jack Newman said,” we’re strategically investing in our clubs amenities and laying the framework for the next 100 years.”

The Pickleball courts should be open later this month. The White Course will close in August and completion will be around around Memorial Day weekend of 2023. Architect Drew Rogers with Wadsworth Construction will oversee the project, that includes new bunker placements, Billie Bunker liners and the White Tour-Angle Sand. Fairways will be realigned, ponds enhanced, new tees, and green complexes redone to USGA standards. Cost is expected to be around $ 2,000,000 dollars.

I’m glad to see the club making these upgrades, and improving the membership and guest experience.

Welcome to Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa.


It’s really nice to see how Eagle Ridge is flying high again.

In the upcoming week, I’ll break down what’s putting the best Illinois golf destination back on course. The changes and upgrades were due, and they are now happening.

When the new 15,000+ square foot spa opens in July, you could say things will be Spa-Tacullar.

But for the golf side of things. Tomorrow begins with a key figure in Eagle Ridge’s grand golf history returning to the resort. Then a look at new owner Mark Klausner. I sat down with Klausner and discussed his decision to buy Eagle Ridge, and get things back on track in Galena.

So how are golf courses getting back on track. A 3-year 3+ million dollars deal with John Deere is giving the golf course maintenance staff the equipment they need to put things back in shape. All this and more all week long.

So Stay clicked in. RS


  INSIDE OR OUT The Preserve at Oak Meadows has ramped up it’s food & beverage operation in the new clubhouse. Stop in before and after golf and check out the new menu, or just stop in Thursday-Sunday for dining pleasure. Outside the Preserve is in great shape for golf. Don’t forget Maple & Green Meadows are open. DuPagegolf.com

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or connect on LinkedIn or Facebook. On the 18th green at the General at Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa, Galena Illinois.

VILLAGE LINKS in Glen Ellyn is having a customer appreciation event on May 27th and May 28th.

There will be discounted beverages and food. But there is more, why not get into the some of the Drive-Chip and Putt contests for some prizes. Because there is no charge to enter.

Junior golfers can compete in the 9-hole junior golf tournament.

So you can learn more about all the festivities at Village Links by visiting Villagelinksgolf.com or call the course at (630)-469-8180. Sign up today for the contests, before space runs out.

LAB GOLF PUTTERS has a deal for you. There is a limited supply of Mezz 1 “blemished” putters available starting at $350.00. But supplies won’t last long. So order today. See the options and full range of prices at Labgolf.com.

PINE MEADOW GOLF in Mundelein has announced the return by popular demand of the “Deb and DJ” show. Season 4 Episode 1- What’s up with Spring ? Check all all the details at Pinemeadowgc.com. But for tee times call (847)-566-4653 (GOLF).

PGA HOPE-Helping our Patriots everywhere.

PGA HOPE-THE ILLINOIS TEAM is headed to Tulsa Oklahoma, to compete in the Secretary’s Cup Tournament. That will be held at, Club at Indian Springs, in Broken Arrow on Monday May 16th.

Teams were selected on various criteria’s and Team Illinois applied for a Wild Card selection. Which was based on the impact the PGA Hope program has made in Illinois.

The Illinois PGA Hope team includes Hugo Anaya of Highland Park, Marine Corps. Jon Burchett of Elgin, U.S. Marine Corps. Mike Jaborek Sugar Grove, U.S. Army. Jim Nelson of Mundelein, U.S. Army. Dennis Johnsen of Grayslake, GM and head professional at Pine Meadow Golf Club.

Palmer Moody, Assistant Executive Director, Foundation/Communications for the Illinois PGA and PGA Hope Section Lead, will serve as team manager. Team Illinois will compete against 10 other sections from around the country. After a practice round and welcome dinner on Sunday May 15th, competition and the award ceremony is the 16th. Teams will enjoy Tuesday at the PGA Championship watching practice rounds at Southern Hills Country Club.

Scottie Scheffler World #1 and Masters Champion works out with a GOLFFOREVER fitness tool.

GOLFFOREVER has announced the signing of World #1 and 2022 masters Champion Scottie Scheffler as a brand ambassador.

Scheffler has won four times on the PGA Tour since he started using the GOLFFOREVER training system.

The system includes a warm up tool, along with video-streaming routines for better speed, power, and injury recovery.

AS BRAND AMABASSADOR Scheffler will start appearing in video content and advertisements for GOLFFOREVER. Scheffler’s belief in the product and system came from his years of work with PGA Tour chiropractor Dr. Troy Van Biezen, who introduced Scheffler to GOLFFOREVER.

DR. Van Biezen has also worked with Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas and Zach Johnson.

“It’s been an unbelievable ride these past few months and part of my success is no doubt due to the hard work I’ve put in with GOLF FOREVER. It’s a tool and approach that is critical to my preparation for the PGA Tour, and I respect GOLFFOREVER’s mission of helping all golfers improve their bodies and the play their best with the same scientific approach as mine. I’m proud to be their ambassador,” said Scheffler.”

Another GOLFFOREVER ambassador is Justin Leonard who will begin play on the PGA Champions Tour this summer. For more information see GolfForever.com and watch the video.

THE ILLINOIS MEN’s GOLF TEAM. 2022 Big Ten Conference Champions

THE FIGHTING ILLINI Men’s Golf Team ranked 17th by Golfweek magazine, will start regional play tomorrow at the Yale Golf Course in New Haven Conn.

This is the 14th straight year in the NCAA Regionals, and should they advance it would be 14th consecutive year in national championship play.

THE YALE COURSE is a par 70 course, and yardage is 6,766. Yale Golf course is a 96 years old. It was designed by famed architects, Charles Blair Macdonald and Seth Raynor. The course has hosted two USGA Junior championships and NCAA Regionals five previous times.

ILLINOIS SENIORS Adrien Dumont de Chassart and Tommy Kuhl have competed on the course before. Illinois won the Macdonald Cup in 2018. But the Illini enter the regional seeded 4th, behind North Carolina, Texas Tech and Wake Forest. Live coverage at Golfstat.com.

COG HILL NEEDS VOLUNTEERS for the 2022 Junior PGA championships from August 2-5. The competition will be played on Courses 2 & 4, as both the boys and girls will play at the same time. But interested volunteers must be at least 14 years old.

Welcome to Cog Hill Golf and Country Club.

The Volunteer fee is $25.00. But volunteers do receive, a volunteer shirt and hat ($75.00 value) and more.

Positions needed include Walking scorers, Leaderboard Operators, Tee refreshment and Shuttle Services.

So for more information see CogHillgolf.com. or call Cog Hill at (866)-264-4455. Numerous top men and women PGA and LPGA Tour stars played in this event as junior golfers.

WILLOWBROOK based Club Champion is celebrating it’s 100th store opening. So for a limited time, Club Champion is offering full bag fittings for just $100.00. So act quickly before this promotion expires. But there are more stores coming soon. Because Club Champion is expecting to open it’s 115th store by years end. So learn more at Clubchampiongolf.com.

The Chicago District Golf Association.

THE CDGA opens it’s 109th season of play with the CDGA Mid Amateur championship at the Naperville Country Club on May 16th.

Because Naperville Country Club was scheduled to host the championship in 2020, when it was cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The club was re-awarded the championship this year.

The CDGA Mid-Amateur is for golfers 25 and older, but must have a handicap of 7.4 or less.

This is the 7th playing of this championship and Ryan Kowalski of Mt. Prospect is the defending champion. But he is back in the field to defend his title. So learn more about the CDGA and it’s championship at CDGA.org.

THE GOG BLOG returns tomorrow May 16th. But see photos from these stories on Rory Spears Facebook Page, or on Twitter @GogBlogGuy. RS


THE GENERAL TURNS 25 on MAY 25th will you be there to celebrate Eagleridge.com

BILL BERGER-ED STEVENSON and RORY SPEARS are your hosts for Golfers on Golf Radio Am 750 WNDZ CHICAGO.

Illinois Golf Hall of Famer Len Ziehm live from the Palm Aire Country Club in Sarasota Florida makes up the fourth inn Chicago’s Favorite Foursome.

Len Ziehm (L) and Rory Spears in the Ziehm studio’s overlooking the Palm Aire Country Club in Sarasota.

THIS WEEK Ed Stevenson has the week off, but Bill Berger, Len Ziehm and Rory Spears will carry the load.

Tee time this morning is 10 AM on Am 750 WNDZ Chicago.

This weeks guests include Mistwood Golf Club’s Director of Golf Andy Mickelson.

Our second guest is “Mr. Kids Rule” from Blackkberry Oaks Golf Club, Chad Johansen.

Johansen was the first club professional used in a billboard ad by Callaway Golf, along with it’s top tour players. Chad joins us at 10:30.

Tune-in Golfers on Golf Radio Week 2. Thanks for listening.


THE NEW LOOK GENERAL TURNS 25 on the 25th this month. So find all out all that’s happening at Eagle Ridge in Galena Illinois by visiting Eagleridge.com #NewSpaJuly13

LEN ZIEHM and RORY SPEARS in the grillroom, at the Palm Aire Country Club in Sarasota Florida.

ZIEHM & SPEARS are back again, this time with Volume 10 of the 2022 Podcast Series.

This week Len and Rory discuss the PGA Championship next week at Southern Hills in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Plus the return to golf of the defending PGA champion, Phil Mickelson. But right in the middle of the podcast there was breaking news regarding Mickelson. So listen in to hear what it was.

Len and Rory recap the Illinois PGA’s first major of the year the Match Play Championship at the Elgin Country Club. The Fighting Illini men’s team heading to regionals in New Haven CT. and the Yale University golf course. Can they advance to nationals again.

Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa in Galena, is Eagle Ridge the only real golf destination in Illinois. The Western Golf Association and the 2024 BMW Championship returns to the State of Colorado.

THE PGA TOUR is playing hard ball with the Saudi Golf Series, is it the right stance?

CLICK HERE to this weeks edition of Ziehm and Spears the podcast series. Volume 10

Thanks for listening Len and Rory.


  THE GENERAL AT EAGLE RIDGE RESORT & SPA turns 25 on the 25th this month. So why not come up to Galena and enjoy the celebration. (R) Eagle Ridge owner Mark Klausner (L) & Director of Golf Mike Weiler (R) welcome everyone to enjoy Eagle Ridge. Learn more about what’s happening, a new spa and more online at EagleRidge.com.

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Chris Nieto holds the IPGA Section Match Play Trophy. Photo by Nick Novelli.


Chris Nieto who just joined the Illinois PGA Section last November, won his first Illinois PGA Section major. The 2022 Illinois PGA Match Play Championship at the Elgin Country Club.

In the championship match Nieto defeated Brian Carroll of The Hawk Country Club, 2 & 1.

“I’m a little tired, this was a long week. I can’t remember the last time I’ve played this many holes,” said Nieto. “It was a little windy all week. But I spent some time in New Mexico this spring and it’s always windy there. So I got some good practice in while I was there. It was nice getting out this week and meeting some people and building some camaraderie with the guys. My mindset was through out the week was to never give up. It’s match play, so anything can happen. So you just have to keep fighting. I’ve been on the other side of some matches and you just have to know that you can always come back if you take it one shot at a time.”

While the championship match did not involve a comeback for Nieto, he did have to win three of his matches by virtue of the comeback. Which included rallying against Hinsdale Country Club’s Matt Slowinski, when he trailed four down with seven holes to play.

The championship match saw Nieto go 3 Up against Carroll after 10 holes. But then Carroll started his comeback with a birdie’s on 13 and 16 to close to within one. But the 17th hole was halved, setting up some drama on the 18th hole. Then Nieto might have hit his best shot of the week, stiffing a wedge to three feet. So after that putt was conceded, Nieto had his first IPGA Section major championship win.

TOURNAMENT NOTES: Elgin head golf professional Jonathan Duppler who won the championship in 2020, when it was last played at Elgin, lost in Round 2 to Jeff Kellen of Butler National.

Tim Puetz of Deer Park Golf Club defeated Skokie Country Club’s Garrett Chaussard in Round 1. It marked the first time in five years, Chaussard was not in the finals of the Match Play Championship.

WILDCAT ACADEMY professional Tim Streng, defeated IPGA Section Champion Andy Mickelson in one of the most exciting matches of the week. Estimated stroke play scores in the match, had Streng shooting a 60, with Mickelson carding a 62.

The Illinois Open is the next major, coming up in August at the White Eagle Golf Club in Naperville. So for more details see IPGA.com.


THE GENERAL CLUBHOUSE IS CHANGING AT EAGLE RIDGE RESORT & SPA. But do you know the General turns 25 on the 25th this month. Learn more-EagleRidge.com

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WGA-CEO John Kaczkowski speaks at the BMW 2024 press conference. Photo courtesy of WGA.

THE BMW CHAMPIONSHIP now has it’s road map in place for the next three years.

Yesterday the Western Golf Association (WGA) and BMW, along with the PGA Tour and Castle Pines Golf Club, announced the 2024 BMW Championship will be played in the State of Colorado.

The championship will be held in the month of August. This coming August the 2022 BMW Championship will be held at Wilmington Country Club in Delaware. But in 2023, the championship returns to Olympia Fields in Chicago’s south suburbs. Now in 2024 it’s a trip to Colorado and Castle Pines Golf Club.

“We are so thrilled to bring the best players in the world back to Castle Pines and the Denver area for the BMW Championship,” said Vince Pellegrino, WGA Senior Vice President of Tournaments. “This golf course was made to host high-level championships, and we anticipate an unparalleled experience for the players, the Castle Pines Community and our fans.”

Castle Pines previously hosted the International Tournament on the PGA Tour from 1986 through 2006. But for the BMW Championship it’s the second visit to Colorado, and first since 2014, when Billy Horschel took home the trophy.

2024 BMW Championship to Castle Pines.

“Castle Pines Golf Club and it’s members welcome the opportunity to test the top 70 players on the PGA Tour, and put the focus of the golf world back on this iconic venue,” said George Solich, Castle Pines Golf Club Chairman and President. “It was always Jack Vickers vision to build a championship golf course and hold a tournament of national prominence. The International was the manifestation of that vision for over two decades. Hosting the 2024 BMW Championship reaffirms Jack’s vision and our commitment to championship golf at the highest level.”

Castle Pines a Jack Nicklaus designed golf course first opened for play in 1981. It was routed through rock formations and Ponderosa pine trees. Yardage is now over 8,000 yards and the course plays to a par of 72. Other features include narrow fairways, along with elevated greens complete with multi-tiered levels. Because of the vision of Jack Nicklaus and his design team.

“It’s very exciting to see Castle Pines back in tournament golf,” Nicklaus said. ‘We have made some excellent changes to the golf course over the last five years. So this will make the course more playable. But it’s still quite challenging, and one the players will enjoy.”

One can bet the players who have previously played Castle Pines, will enjoy tasting the clubs famous milks shakes once again.

David Duval a 13-time winner on the PGA Tour and major champion, along with 32 year member NFL Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway are both members at Castel Pines. Both issued statements supporting the return of professional golf to their club. CBS Sports broadcaster Jim Nantz said several players have told him, it was their favorite stop on the PGA Tour when the club hosted the International.

The BMW Championship has raised over $40 million dollars for the Evans Scholars Foundation since 2007. 58 Evans Scholars currently attend the University of Colorado in Boulder.

“Castle Pines Golf Club has long been a tremendous supporter of youth caddies and the Evans Scholars Foundation,” said WGA President and CEO John Kaczkowski. “This is an excellent opportunity to showcase this beautiful club and our shared efforts to reach more deserving young caddies.

But for more information please visit bmwchampionship.com.


THE GENERAL AT EAGLE RIDGE TURNS 25 ON THE 25TH- will you join the celebration at the new look Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa in Galena. EagleRidge.com

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Two-time Western Open Champion Mark McCumber appeared the WGA-ESI-NV5 media day.


Two-time Western Open Champion Mark McCumber joined media day at the Glen Club this past week, where he spoke with Golfers on Golf.

McCumber was kind enough to do something he didn’t do on tour, which was was to spray-it to all fairways to cover a variety of topics in the golf world.

McCumber talked about his two Western Open wins in 1983 & 1989. In 1983 he edged out Tom Watson by 1 shot for the title. But in 1989 it was even more dramatic, when he defeated Peter Jacobsen in a 1-hole playoff, on Monday morning, on the 10th green at Butler National Golf Club. The playoff looked ready to go to the 11th hole. But when Jacobsen’s 4 footer for par, did a full horseshoe around the rim. Before not falling in the hole.

MCCUMBER ADDS some great insight about the Players Championship that he won at TPC Sawgrass. But more about the current state of golf and his golf course design business.

CLICK HERE TO HEAR the interview with two-time Western Open Champion Mark McCumber. Runs 12+ minutes.

But there is also great story from McCumber about a plan that former commissioner Deane Beaman had for professional golf, that never came to the forefront. So imagine two tour stops the same week so more players could play.