THE SUNDAY TICKET at the Mistwood Golf Dome and McWethy’s Sports Bar, on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook. Mistwood Golf Club Renwick Road in Romeoville .  _____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy. On the South Course at NCR.


Not sure I will play today as I always do, when I get another year older, and hopefully wiser.

Heavy rains have pounded the Chicago area on Sunday. Because of this huge downpour, the rainout maybe on.

So as much as I like to play golf. It’s hard to do, when you need an ark to get to your ball.

But what I do hope, is that courses in the area won’t throw in the towel on the 2021 outdoor golf season just yet. Because things should dry out, in a day or two, or week or so.

22 YEARS AGO we lost Payne Stewart today. I’ll never forget him, what a golfer, what an amazing personality. Golf could use more players like him.

CONGRATULATIONS to Blackberry Oaks teaching professional Roy Biancalana and University of Illinois Coach Mike , for their fine showing in the Senior Professional Championship in Port St. Lucie Florida.

Because Small finished 1 shot out of a playoff to win it all. Biancalana dug-in and by two shots, will join Small at the 2022 Senior PGA Championship. The Senior PGA will be held at the end of May at Harbor Shores Golf Club, in Benton Harbor Michigan. I can’t wait to see both of them there in competition next year.

WITH ONE WEEK left of October, which is also known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Several golf companies have specials on “Pink Items” or are donating money per sale. So do check around and see if there is something you can purchase this week.

SPEAKING OF PURCHASING THINGS-there are still reports that it might be wise to order holiday gifts early this year. Because of the many issues in the worlds supply chain. Golf has had it’s issues as well. So don’t be afraid to start getting golf gifts now, and don’t wait until Black Friday. Because your favorite golfer or golfers will be glad to receive their gifts in late December.

I HAVE TO ADMIT I’m really getting impressed with University of Illinois Sophomore Piercen Hunt. Hunt had a nice win in Florida at Isleworth in the last U of I men’s fall tournament. Hunt came from six shots back in the final round to win. Coach Mike Small has to be hoping Hunt sticks around for a few more years before going pro.

STAY DRY everyone and I hope you get a few more outdoor rounds in before it becomes golf dome and simulator season. RS


MISTWOOD THE GOLF COURSE is still open for outdoor play in Romeoville. But the Mistwood Golf Dome opens November 1st. For outdoor tee times see _____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG is written by Rory Spears, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or connect on LinkedIn.

The Sunday Ticket in the Mistwood Golf Dome in Bolingbrook.


The Mistwood Golf Dome on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook, open for golf next week.

But this weekend it’s football. Because in addition to the new menu, you can watch the Sunday NFL ticket.

So you need more. How about the chance to win a Chicago Bears WR Allen Robinson jersey. So if that sounds good, hit the Mistwood Golf Dome and McWethy’s Sports Bar today for the Bears and the Buccaneers game that kick’s off at 3:25 on FOX.

FIRST TEE OF GREATER CHICAGO will launch it’s winter programming sign up tomorrow October 25th. See more at

DALLAS BASED TOP GOLF has announced it’s building it’s third location in the state of North Carolina. The new facility will open in late summer of 2022 in the Raleigh-Durham area. This new facility will have three levels and over 100 hitting bays. More details at

FIGHTING ILLINI Sophomore Piercen Hunt was named the B1G TEN player so the week. After his six-shot come from behind win at the Isleworth Collegiate Invitational, to be the medalist. It was Hunt’s first win of his collegiate career. Hunt shot a 4 under par 68, in the final round to win the championship.

CLARITY.GOLF has launched a Private Clubs Service Division. Clarity Golf is a golf technology company, featuring work in the installation of monitors, simulators and other technologies. For more information see or contact

The G-Tech Apparel hand warmer.

G-TECH Apparel’s hand warmers are selling quickly.

So you need to get yours, or place your order before supplies run out.

The cold weather golf season is coming quickly. So why not extend your golf season, or start it earlier next spring, by having the warmer the professionals use.

But the GTech hand warmer is not just used by golf professionals. It’s used by players in Major League Baseball, and the NFL. Learn more at

THE LAB GOLF Mezz 1 proto

LAB GOLF has created another classic putter. The Mezz, limited production of 1,000.

So you need to order yours today. LAB that stands for Lie-Angle-Balance. Creates some of the most unique looking putters in the world.

But they roll the golf ball to the hole, unlike many of the putters in todays market.

So learn more about LAB Golf Putters by visiting LAB Golf putters are available in the Chicago area at PGA Tour Store locations.

OAK BROOK TERRACE BASED ZERO FRICTION has introduced a new Turf Tee, a Two-In-One Product. Because the new Turf-Tee comes complete with a two prong bottom of the tee. So it goes in the ground easier, and helps fix ball marks.

“It’s essentially a two-in-one product,” says John Iacono, Founder and President of Zero Friction. “It serves as a high-performance golf tee, and a divot repair tool. Golfers will no longer have to carry two products in their pockets. Turf Tee serves a dual purpose.”

So you can see the new Turf Tee on Vimeo. 30 packs sell for $12.99 for a 30-pack. But for more information visit or call (630)-317-7700.

The Pro V1 that sync’s with Trackman

TITLEIST PRO V1 with Radar Capture Technology.

Titleist and Trackman, engineers have teamed up to create Pro-V1 and Pro V1x golf balls, that track ball flight indoors, to deliver the best date possible.

Because Pro V1 and Pro V1x RCT golf balls improve TrackMan experience for dedicated indoor fitting specialists.

“Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1xxRCT balls combine the game’s greatest combination of speed, spin and feel with new technology. But it captures precision performance and golf ball data from Trackman units used in a indoor setting,” said Jeremy Stone, Vice President of Golf Ball Marketing. “We have worked hard with TrackMan for more than two years to optimize this embedded radar reflective, patent pending technology.”

But while certain Titleist trade partners can get the new balls on November 3rd of 2021, global distribution starts in April of 2022. $64.99 per dozen. More details at

Photo’s of some of the above products can be viewed on Facebook-Rory Spears page, or Twitter. The Gog Blog Speaks Out-Returns tomorrow. RS


MISTWOOD GOLF-INSIDE & OUT. Course Open-Dome opens Nov. 1 _____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or connect on LinkedIn or Facebook.

THE BIG BALL at the John Deere Classic. (R) Clair Peterson at Media day in 2019.

THE JOHN DEERE CLASSIC has announced that longtime Birdies for Charity Director Kristy Ketcham Jackson is retiring as of October 29th. Jackson will be succeeded by Micaela Booth, who has been serving as the Manager of Enterprise and Charity Support.

Additionally, the John Deere Classic (JDC) is announcing other staff changes in a reorganization. Clair Peterson is promoted to Executive Director of the JDC, with Assistant Tournament Director Andrew Lehman, becoming Tournament Director. But still reporting to Peterson.

“Kristy Ketcham Jackson has brought spirit, leadership and executive efficiency to the Birdies for Charity program, which has grown 12-fold under her guidance,” Peterson said. “The John Deere Classic and the Quad Cities community are blessed to have had Kristy heading the area’s largest charitable institution. So we wish her well in her retirement.”

Ketcham Jackson took over Birdies for Charity in 2003. But at that time the program raised less than 1 million per year. But now has raided at least 12 million per year, every year since 2018.

Other staff promotions include, Ashley Hansen to Assistant Tournament Director, Jennifer Kress to Director of Sales and Development, Marshall Lamb to Manager, Tournament Operations. Peterson called all of the recently promoted staff members,” excellent in their jobs and are high character individuals. But who will also be outstanding representatives of the championship and title sponsor John Deere.”

Because the 2022 John Deere Classic  moves up 1 week on the calendar. The new dates are from June 27th through July 3rd.


THE MISTWOOD GOLF DOME-OPEN NOV. 1 Mistwood Golf Course still open for outdoor play until- until it’s not. Learn more at or call (815)-254-3333.  _____________________________________________________________________

Rory Spears (L) and Len Ziehm (R) stand at the start of Kelpie’s Corner at the Mistwood Golf Club.


ARE BACK AGAIN with Podcast Series 2021-Volume 31.

Proudly sponsored by the Mistwood Golf Club and Mistwood Golf Dome.

Great news the Mistwood Golf Dome reopens for golf with upgrades on November 1st.  But in the meantime Mistwood Golf Course is still open for outdoor play. So take advantage while you still can.

THIS WEEK LEN & RORY talk Mistwood and the outdoor golf season. What might be the first outdoor fall & winter Toptracer Golf League. The Fox Run in Elk Grove clubhouse as it prepares to open for golfers in the next three weeks.

What Len and Rory are hearing about the 2022 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando come January (hint-most people are coming). Brooks vs Bryson, are you getting excited. The LPGA in Florida as the season starts to wrap up in Florida.

When they close for the year. They will close for the year. Because many local courses saying they are not going to close and reopen due to a couple of nice weather days.

CLICK HERE to hear this weeks edition of Ziehm & Spears Podcast Series

A golf ball shortage in 2022. Z & S are told it could happen, if the Surlyn shortage happens.

Thanks for listening, Len and Rory.


NEW TOUR EDGE C & E 522 SERIES CLUBS NOW AVAILABLE-TOUREDGE.COM     _____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS-Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or connect on LinkedIn or Facebook

Welcome to PGA Village and the PGA Golf Club in Port St. Lucie Florida.

THIS YEAR nine Illinois PGA Professionals have qualified for the 33rd Senior PGA Professional Championship.

The championship tee’s off with Round 1, this Thursday, at the PGA Golf Club in Port St. Lucie Florida.

But 264 PGA Senior Professionals will compete for the Leo Fraser Trophy. So competition will be tough.

But the 35 top finishers this week, will earn their way into the 2022 KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship. The 2022 Senior PGA returns to Harbor Shores Golf Club in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Harbor Shores returns as host, after having it’s last Sr. PGA championship scheduled for 2020 cancelled. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Roy Biancalana is the 2021 Illinois PGA Senior Professional of the Year, winner of the Errie Ball award.

“We are very proud of the Senior PGA Professionals that have qualified for this event,” said Carrie Williams, Executive Director of the Illinois PGA Section.

“We have a strong group of professionals representing the Illinois PGA section this year at the National Senior PGA Professional Championship, we wish them all the best this week.”

The nine Illinois PGA Section professionals playing this week, are headed up by 2021 Errie Ball award winner Roy Biancalana, 61 (Blackberry Oaks Golf Course). Because Biancalana was the winner of the Illinois PGA Senior Match Play Championship at Shore Acres Golf Club. But he wrapped up the Errie Ball award before the final senior major of the year.

THE OTHER EIGHT members competing are, John Cleary, 54, PGA Director of Instruction at Exmoor Country Club. Kevin Merion, 63, Head PGA Professional at Old Elm. Don Morris, 54, PGA Teaching Professional at Diversey Golf Range. Kurt Rogers, 59, Assistant PGA Professional at Champaign Country Club.

Mike Small, 55, Head Men’s Golf Coach at the University of Illinois. Small took first place in the 2021 Senior PGA Professional Championship, at Bryn Mawr Country Club. John Varner, 52, PGA Director of Golf at Beverly Country Club. David Thompson, 50, Head Golf Professional at Crystal Lake Country Club. Michael Troy, 53, Assistant PGA Professional at the Zigfield Troy Country Club.

The Senior PGA Professional Championship will have a cut after 36 holes. But the championship held on the PGA Golf Club’s Ryder and Wanamaker golf courses. But the final 36 holes will all be played on the Wanamaker course. Omar Uresti, 53, is the defending champion, and is the favorite to repeat as champion.

But more details can be found at


THE PRESERVE at OAK MEADOWS-the course is open-So is the bar ______________________________________________________________________

Tour Edge Hot Launch 522 series is here.

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf.

GIVE YOUR GOLF GAME an Edge, with the new Tour Edge 522 Series, with Diamond Face 2.0, VIBCOR and HOUNDINI Technologies.

The new Tour Edge 522 series is now available as of October 1st. So what is 522 ?

The series is designed to work in Super-Game-Improvement, and Game Improvement club categories. Driver, fairway, hybrid, iron and wedge designs.

The “E” Series and the “C” Series come with new technology, created to help the amateur golfer enhance their golf game.

“This new approach that we first launched with Hot Launch 521 has led us to be one of the market leaders in Game-Improvement clubs,” said David Glod, President-Founder and Lead Designer of Tour Edge. “But the unbelievable demand and success of the 521 Series, let us know that we are headed down the correct path. By catering to the two player preferences in the ever-growing G.I. and S.G.I. segment of the market.”

The new Tour Edge C522 Driver.

The 522 series is the 6th version of the best-selling Hot Launch line. Because each version has increased the level of excellence, standard for the current release were extremely high.

HOT LAUNCH 522 adds improved technologies for the tour-preferred Exotics brand. Because the mix of Diamond Face 2.0, VIBRCOR, and the Houdini Sole, the 522 Series brings even more punch than the 521 series.

“This is a running upgrade over the 521 series,” says Glod.”We’re bringing as much technology to this line-up from Exotics that we can. This extends performance benefits to every golfer type, while satisfying demand for Game-Improvement clubs in the marketplace.”

The Tour Edge 522 Series Iron.

BECAUSE THE E-RANGE is a Spec-Super-Game-Improvement club, it features an extremely low Center of Gravity. So super-shallow faces, and offset designs with shorter shafts, help golfers get the ball in the air.

BUT THE C-RANGE with Spec Game-Improvement designs, bring a higher Moment of Inertia (MOI). These classic style shaped clubs sit square at address. They bring forgiveness, and power across the clubface.

A 522 Tour Edge Series wedge.

This new Hot Launch series, offers some of the best pricing to performance golf. But is also designed to be a leader price point golf equipment.

But more good news, is that the new Hot Launch 522 Series will be available in over 1,000 fitting locations.

RETAIL PRICES are $249.99 for both the E and C drivers. $159.99 for both the E and C fairway metals. $139.99 for the E and C hybrids. But while the C522 Irons will sell for $79.99 per iron, the E522 Irons retail at $99.99 per iron. E and C wedges are both prices at $89.99 per wedge.

But for more information, on lofts, grips, shafts and more. Please visit

Tour Edge Golf has become a major sponsor on the PGA Tour Champions. The new Tour Edge ad’s are running during champions tour events on the Golf Channel. The amount of players on the PGA Champions Tour using Tour Edge clubs are growing every month. Watch the best players over 50 in the world play Tour Edge, they are giving themselves are chance to win, why shouldn’t you give your game an edge.


IF YOUR READY TO GET FIT for new clubs, it’s time to visit Matt Carter (L) or Eric Russell at the Top 100 nationally rated Mistwood Golf Club in Romeoville. It’s not to late to get in some outside golf, before you enjoy post round dining in McWethy’s Tavern. Book your fitting or tee time at or call the club at (815)-254-3333. ______________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or connect on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Welcome to White Eagle Golf Club in Naperville.


Because when it does, some $12.5 million dollars worth of improvements over the remainder of the decade will take shape, at the White Eagle Golf Club in Naperville.

Look at it how you want, but the recent hotbed of activity at golf courses, public or private, is giving clubs the funds to make improvements.

But for those of you who remember the 1980’s and 1990’s, there was a building-boom of golf courses and golf clubs in the Chicago suburban area.

Especially west and northwest of the city. To some, that might not seem like a long time ago. But in the world of golf, so much of a golf courses infrastructure is ready for replacement after 25-30 years.

Curtis Malm is the Director of Golf at the White Eagle Golf Club.

“Our board recently passed a 12.5 million dollar restoration and improvement plan that will take place over the next 10 years,” said Curtis Malm, White Eagle Golf Club’s, Director of Golf-in a recent interview with Golfers on Golf). “The club will not only improve across the board, but will move towards being more of a year round facility.”

Being more of a year round golf facility is something that more clubs, and golf courses in the Chicago area are trying to do. So the days of golf professionals in the Chicago area being on vacation from mid-November to March 1st, appear to be ending.

SO WHAT’S NEW. Malm says the money spent by the board, will be spent across the board. Because it’s not just about the golf course, it’s now about the entire facility. Which is something the Illinois PGA has noticed. White Eagle served as home to the 2020 Illinois Open, and now will host next summers 2022 Illinois Open (recently confirmed by both Malm and IPGA Executive Director Carrie Williams).

Malm says that White Eagle members will be able have more options of their daily routine, available at the club. Golf and golf practice, paddle ball, food and beverage, workout and fitness facilities. Plus an improved and expanded clubhouse, inside and out, with an expanded and perhaps enclosed outdoor area.

The plans are being rolled out-for indoor and outdoor improvements at White Eagle.

With people looking to enjoy outdoor patio area’s, even when the the weather is rainy or chilly. Covering or heating those area’s in a variety of ways, increases usage of area’s not previously done in the past.

When the bunker renovations finished by architect Todd Quitno, planning started for the next steps on the golf course. “Phase two will be trees, tees, drainage and more,” said Malm.

CLICK HERE TO HEAR the full interview with White Eagle Director of Golf Curtis Malm.

White Eagle will upgrade it’s paddle ball building, and add simulators downstairs. Where do the all the improvements stop? That question remains. But one thing is certain. White Eagle will be getting better over the next several years. Plus members will have more of a year round club than ever before.


   TOUR EDGE GOLF has released the new Upgraded 522 Series. Visit    _____________________________________________________________________

The Gog Blog by Rory Spears, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. At the Lawsonia Links historic rock in Green Lake Wisconsin.

WHAT A GREAT WEEK last week was for golf. But in-spite of a little rain here and there, golf was played-outdoors.

BUT the weather is changing, and it might be because of Covid or not. That dome season is coming up quickly.

So enjoy what outdoor days remain. Because I’m hearing that clubs once they close this year, might not reopen, even if that stretch of 70 degree days pops up a week later.

It’s been a long and busy year for golf courses everywhere around town. Courses are stressed and have had their share of play. The pro’s and their staffs have put in plenty of long hours, and they are ready for a break.

ANDY MICKELSON the Director of Golf at Mistwood Golf Course, and the Mistwood Golf Dome in Bolingbrook, posted this past weekend on social media that Chicago’s premier golf dome, the Mistwood Golf Dome will open November 1st. But then he added MAYBE even sooner depending on the weather. Stay tuned.

GET WELL WISHES to Casey Martin, the former PGA Tour player, and current University of Oregon Golf Coach. Martin who has had struggles with his right leg for years, finally decided on amputation. Martin faced potential serious side-effects from the surgery, but is recovering in the Mayo-Clinic in Rochester Minnesota.

VIVA LAS VEGAS-for Rory McIlroy his 20th win on tour. But a great T-3 for Rickie Fowler, who led most of the way. Before McIlroy caught Fowler on Sunday to win by 2 shots, both players needed a good finish.

GOLF BALL SHORTAGE in 2022. It’s the rumor that won’t go away. Will there be a Surlyn shortage in 2022, limiting production of golf balls. Maybe so. If there is a shortage, what could happen. Is that cheaper golf ball lines might not get made, and more expensive golf balls could sell for 70+ for a dozen. OUCH!!!

IT MIGHT NOT be a bad idea to stock up while you still can. Do put golf balls on your Christmas list this year, just in case.

I PLAYED THE LAWSONIA LINKS Course this past week in the Langford Shield outing, put on by Oliphant-Haltom Golf. This Top 100 is in great shape. Open to the public.

IF YOU MISSED IT see my story on my recent round at Klein Creek. New ownership and new management is really making something out of this club. On and off the golf course, stay tuned, more improvements are coming.

The Gog Blog returns tomorrow. RS


KLEIN CREEK under new ownership, new management, new superintendent, new chef, so come play Klein creek in Winfield, and find out what’s new. TOUR EDGE is giving your game some cutting edge technology the new 522 series is now available. See this line of woods, hybrids, irons and wedges now at  ______________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or connect on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Welcome to the Pine Meadow Golf Club

YOU HAVE NOT missed the deadline to sign up for the Pine Meadow Golf Club in Mundelein, 2-man scramble.

But Saturday November 6th is coming up quickly, so don’t wait much longer.

Because it will be one of the last events of the 2021 golf season at Pine Meadow.

$80.00 per player, covers your green fee, cart fee, a warm up bucket of balls. Plus a hot dog, chips and a drink, and the prize purse. So call Pine Meadow today to sign up at (847)-566-4653 (GOLF).

COLLEGE GOLF EXPERIENCE announces Las Vegas Showcase Camp for December 4-5 in advance of the GCAA Conference. It will be the first camp with coaches from both the men’s and women’s defending National Championship teams.

CGX is endorsed by the Golf Coaches Association of America (GCAA), and helps provide new pathways to college golf by offering junior players access to college golf coaches. This is perfect way to understand the recruiting process, showcase your talents and achieve goals in golf. The camp will be held at Desert Pines Golf Club and the Las Vegas Golf Club. Learn more at for ages 8-18.

OAKBROOK TERRACE BASED ZERO FRICTION-will donate portion of sales to the Susan G. Komen Cancer Foundation. Because a portion of proceeds from it’s Pink Ribbon products to the foundation in October. But discounts are available for those buying bulk by October 31st.

“Our Pink Ribbon gloves and Supertubes are one of Zero Friction’s hottest items in the month of October,” said John Iacono, Founder and President of Zero Friction. “It’s a terrific way to show support for breast cancer awareness on the golf course while utilizing a quality product that will help your game.” But there is also free-shipping for orders over $75.00. So for more details visit or call (630)-317-7700.

Dustin Johnson hits his opening tee shot on Sunday at the 2020/21 Ryder Cup.

LA GOLF the maker of one of the top golf shafts in todays game, has signed on to be the title sponsor, of the Dustin Johnson World Golf Championship, March 4-6, 2022.

LA Golf calls itself the most innovative shaft company in the world. The Dustin Johnson World Golf Championship has a field of 90 players, which consist of both boys and girls. This year 74 of the 90 players were in America’s Top 100 junior ratings. So learn more about the Dustin Johnson World Golf Championship and Myrtle Beach South Carolina Johnson’s home town, at

THE 2022-2024 and 2026 Presidents Cup’s will have Genesis Automobiles as the official car of those championships. The 2022 president’s Cup will be played at Quail Hollow GC in Charlotte NC., the 2024 Presidents Cup will be held at Royal Montreal Golf Club in Quebec. In 2026 Medinah Country Club outside of Chicago will host the matches. But you can learn more at

Visit don’t forget to register for a handicap.

THE Chicago District Golf Association (CDGA) has announced it’s players of the year for the 2021 golf season.

Nick Tenuta (Mt. Prospect-Mt. Prospect Golf Club) is the Player of the Year. Tenuta won the 101st CDGA Amateur at Bull Valley Golf Club. Tenuta 22, is in his senior year and a member of the University of Louisville Golf Team. He was awarded the Raymond B. Anderson Trophy.

Mark Small (Frankfort/Prestwick CC) was named the 2021 CDGA Senior Player of the Year. Small did not have a win this year. But his consistent play earned him the Charles N. Eckstein trophy. More details at

The Golf Heritage Society-preserving the history of golf.

The Golf Heritage Society ( has elected it’s officers for the year ahead.

Dr. Bern Bernacki was again named president, with Bob Muir as vice president, at the society’s 50 Anniversary National Convention. The convention was held in Monroeville PA.

Mission Inn your holidays in Howey and Hills Florida.

SO ARE YOU ready for the holidays ahead.

Because Thanksgiving-Christmas-News Years Eve and New years Day, are coming up soon.

So why not Florida, and Why not the Mission Inn just 35 minutes NW of Orlando.

Mission Inn has a great history for families around the holidays. So why not enjoy your holidays in the warmth of Florida. So visit to see all the specials for this years holiday season.

SKY GOLF has announced that starting Mid-November there will be discounts on the SX-500 and SX-400 along with it’s LX5 GPS Smart watches. Details at

HALIFAX PLANTATION one of the most popular destination courses in Daytona Beach FL. has re-opened after a re-grassing project. But member play has already started, and the public is welcome back starting October 23. So for information see

But for more pictures of the above products, see Rory Spears on Facebook, or @GogBlogGuy on Twitter.

The Gog Blog Speaks Out-returns tomorrow. RS


  ON THE MARKET the New Balance Black and Red-Cush Boa’s-Available Nov. 1st. See more at The new G-Tech Apparel hand warmers, extend your golf season by keeping your fingers warm between shots. Learn more at  _____________________________________________________________________

WELCOME TO COG HILL now located in Palos Park, and the Home of the Toptracer Range. Cog Hill is open year round.

TIME HAS ALMOST RUN OUT-are you ready for the Fall-Winter Toptracer Range League that starts this Wednesday October 20th. It runs through December 15th, with the week of Thanksgiving off. $250.00 per player covers the entire season, and the league is limited to the first 36 teams that sign up. Play starts at 6 Pm. So come enjoy some of the top rated courses from around the world.

THE BLACK FRIDAY CLASSIC starts at 9:30 AM on Cog 2-price per team is $190.00, and the event is a 2-person scramble.

THE FAMED ESKIMO OPEN is schedule for Jan. 2nd, 2022. More information can be found at or by call (866)-264-4455.