MISTWOOD GOLF DOME is open for the winter season daily until 10 Pm. Andy Mickelson (L) Mistwood’s Director of Golf is the 2023 Illinois PGA Player of the Year. (R) it’s time to get he Mistwood golf dome stocking hat. Find out how, call (630)-739-7600.

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BETTINARDI STUDIO “B” is now open in Oak Brook. The most advanced putting studio many golfers will ever see, if they take the time to visit. The good news is that for those who live downtown, in the western or northern suburbs. There is no longer a need to drive all the way south to Tinley Park, a location that formerly was only convenient for south suburban customers.

MORE FROM RORY SPEARS: Recently I made my first visit to the new Bettinardi Studio “B” in Oak Brook and it won’t be my last. It was amazing what I saw. So just when you think you know a lot about something, you find out you really don’t. The data I was exposed to in many cases, were things I never knew went into a really solid and advanced putter fitting.

What’s even more amazing is that golfers don’t need to travel to California to experience this studio. Studio “B” is more than just a SAM Putt Lab, you might say it’s a Hive of Information. The putter you leave with might be the creation of a lifetime, your creation. Not what some major equipment company sells, and that you have to pick from. Studio “B” feels like somewhere that touring professionals would go to be fitted, a place that would be restricted to someone with a tour card. But it’s not. You can tune up for a fitting with a steak before or after from Michael Jordan’s steakhouse across the hallway. Studio “B” is across the street from Oak Brook Mall.

Rory putting with a BB style putter. Photo by John Billiter. Rimmy Dunlop (L) looks on.

General Manager David Kubiak PGA, who spent 10 years at Rich Harvest Farms in Sugar Grove, before working the professional tours as the Bettinardi rep-and now runs Studio “B” was my tour guide.

During my session in the putting studio, fitters Connor Williams and Rimmy Dunlop assisted Kubiak. Okay so it took three people to get me on track. But in less than hour, Kubiak pretty much has figured what kind of putter should end up in my bag. Down the road I will see if he is correct. Bettinardi founder and owner Bob Bettinardi is anxious to hear stories about me making putts outdoors come 2024. So I hope to have a few to tell him. RS

REPLICA PUTTERS that hang on the Bettinardi Wall of Champions include, Francesco Molinari’s 2018 Open Championship putter (L) and Matt Fitzpatrick’s 2022 U.S. Open Championship putter (R).

Welcome to The Hive.

But one part of the tour, includes a visit to “The Hive”, where you find the most advanced putters, that come with real creativity involved.

So when one enters “The Hive” you find walls full of amazing putters, with features developed over the years.

Because here is where one sits with a Bettinardi representative, to create the putter a golfer simply has to have.

So do you need a special length, face, width, shaft location, color or milling. The Hive is where this type of putter gets designed.

But to take a step back, one enters the putting studio first. Where you start rolling putts, and where your data starts to add up, so you can build a putter that make putts, so your score doesn’t start adding up in the wrong direction.

Build it here-yes a majority of the time you will leave Studio B with the putter you selected to be right for you.

GOOD NEWS is that you get fitted in Studio B, and you likely leave Studio B that day with putter in hand.

So unless you have created a special edition putter, you do not leave the studio empty handed.

Because there is no, put in your order, then Oak Brook sends it to Tinley Park, and then you wait for some delivery service to show up at your home, office or club. So the pick it out and take it home concept is winning golfers over. Bettinardi putters are built here in the USA, not in China.

So how did Bettinardi golf get started. Bob Bettinardi was making and milling products for the U.S. Government, then he became a golf fanatic. One day after studying a putter he had from a major golf company. Bob started to make calls, he finally learned enough where he could take his ideas to bigger designers, before branching out on his own.

The data screen that hangs on the wall, tracks information and stats about your putting stroke, that you never knew about before.

Bob Bettinardi’s son Sam is now part of the family business. The father & son partnership has been a winner.

Bob takes great delight when his tour players win tournaments. Especially majors.

Francesco Molinari struck first, winning the British Open in 2018. At one point as Molinari lined up a putt, his putter was shown close up on television. The world saw the Bettinardi name for 6-7 seconds on the screen. Bettinardi learned what that meant, as shortly after Molinari lifted the Claret Jug, Bettinardi’s phones started ringing like crazy.

Bob Bettinardi will tell you. “The industry slogan is-what wins on Sunday, sells on Monday.”  So when Matt Fitzpatrick won the U.S. Open in 2022, Bettinardi took off for his pool, still dressed in his clothes, not a swimsuit and leaped in. Yelling to his wife to order some Champagne.

CLICK HERE TO HEAR the full interview with Bob Bettinardi. Bob tells the history on the founding of Bettinardi Golf, some of the partners the company has, how his wife the designer, is the true star in the creation of “Studio B”.

So if your looking for a new putter, or need to know more about putting, and how to improve your putting stroke, visit or visit the studio at 1225 W. 22nd Street in Oak Brook (630)-819-8592. Take your putting to the next level.


THE SHACK GOLF CLUB in Glenview is expanding and the new section opens next month. Hear out interview from yesterday with owner Nick Larkin.

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AS REPORTED HERE LAST WEEKEND- THE USGA and the R&A have announced a rollback to the golf ball. The rollback begins on professional tours in 2028, but then for the amateur in 2030.

The USGA feels the impact on amateur and recreational golf will be very minimal. But time will tell if that is the case. Test conditions revised were at 125 MPH clubhead speed which equals 183 MPH speed. Spin rate at 2200 rpm and launch angle of 11 degrees.  Current conditions set in 2003 were at 120 mph, 176 ball speed, 2520 rpm and 10 degree launch angle.

Mistwood Golf Dome on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook, book hitting bays at (630)-739-7600 see Home to Toptracer Golf and McWethys Sports Bar.

The revised data is a collection from worldwide tours and reflects the yardage and speed from the games longest hitters, with the top ball speeds.

So the biggest affects to golfers are expected as follows by the USGA.

A loss of 13-15 yards to the longest hitters on professional tours. 9-11 yards from average distance hitters on tour. Top LPGA and LET players will be 5-7 yards.

But for amateur golfers-yardage loss is expected to be 5 yards or less, based on swing speeds of 93 mph for men and 72 mph for women. Existing golf balls approved to be in conformance in 2027, are allowed in play until January of 2030. In fact more than 30 percent of current golf balls on the marker will still be conforming after the rollback is in effect.

“Governance is hard. So while thousands will claim that we did too much, there will be many who said we did not do enough to protect the game long term,” said Michael Whan, CEO of the USGA. “But from the very beginning, we’ve been driven to do what is right for the game, without bias. So as we’ve said, doing nothing is not an option-and we would be failing in our responsibility to protect the games future if we did not take appropriate action right now.”

Marin Slumbers, CEO of the R&A, said. “We are convinced that this decision is one of the key ways of achieving a sustainable future of golf, protecting the integrity of the game and meeting our environmental responsibilities. The measure we are taking has been carefully considered and calibrated while maintaining the “one game” ethos deemed to be so important to the golf industry. Importantly. Importantly, it also keeps the impact on recreational golfers to an absolute minimum. We are acting now because we want to ensure that future generations can enjoy the unique challenge of golf as much as we do.”

THE USGA also announced that it will begin further testing and researching of drivers and the effects on distance they are creating. So the USGA has put equipment companies on notice, and that they have been and will be watching. At one point in the future, drivers will likely get trimmed back a notch-kind of like the golf ball. So learn more from the USGA at


THE MISTWOOD GOLF DOME ON RT. 53 in Bolingbrook is open daily until 10 Pm. So why not try out Toptracer Golf or grab a bite and watch the games at McWethy’s Sports Bar. So get a lesson or get fitted for new clubs. Just practice keeping your game in shape by taking aim at the hanging targets or the target greens. Call (630)-739-7600.

CLICK HERE to hear the interview with Mistwood’s Director of Golf Andy Mickelson, the 2023 IL PGA Player of the Year (above right) who talks his award and Mistwood Golf.

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THE SHACK OWNER NICK LARKIN (L) at the bar with Arnie, in the soon to be opened addition to The Shack coming in January of 2024.

When your clubhouse gets a little over crowded, frequently, what do you do. You build a bigger one. Which is exactly what Nick Larkin the owner of “The Shack” is doing.

Because business has been good at The Shack in Glenview, and not having enough simulator space, and enough bar space had started to be come a problem.

So fortunately for Larkin, space in the adjoining part of his building recently became available. The owner next door decided to downsize, and offered Larkin the chance to expand. So what did he do, other than saying YES. Larkin made plans to take out one simulator, punch a hole in the wall and extend his business into a newly acquired open space.

WORK IS UNDERWAY in the new space, that will increase The Shack’s amount of simulators from 4 to 7. But this area also adds more space in the new simulator’s that will include recliner like theatre chairs and more.

So the new space will have options for larger groups, and private functions. Larkin is expecting the new area to be completed and open by mid-to late January. But simulators are not all that will be added. So if you need to work on your putting and who doesn’t, a new putting green will be added in the area of where the old simulator three bay was located.

Larkin is excited about what options will be included in the simulators, adding you could watch a movie in the largest bay-simulator #7. So don’t be surprised if you walk into where the new Shack area is located, and Caddyshack or Happy Gilmore are playing on the screen.

Welcome to The Shack in Glenview.

Better news for golfers who enjoy the current Shack.

Because more Shack’s are on the way at some point in the future, according to Larkin.

Larkin admits that right now his focus is on getting the current expansion complete. But once the new wing of The Shack opens up, he will continue looking for the location of where Shack #2 and Shack #3 could go.

CLICK HERE to hear the full interview with “The Shack” owner Nick Larkin.

But even with more space coming to the current Shack. If you would like to mix in a little golf, on days with major sporting events happening. You need to book your group ASAP. Because NFL playoff weekends, Super Bowl Sunday, Masters week, and the Players Championship week, simulator space is already filling up quickly.

So will the new lockers where The Shack’s members will have the option of storing their golf clubs. Stay tuned for news on the opening next month, when the newly expanded area in The Shack, is open for business.

The Shack is located at 1717 Chestnut Street in Glenview, phone number is (847)-904-2905. See


COME TAKE A SWING OR A 100 MORE. The Mistwood Golf Dome home to Toptracer and McWethy’s Sports Bar is open for the winter season. So grab a lesson, get fitted for your new clubs, play a Top 100 course on Toptracer. So visit

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CANTIGNY GOLF has announced that the Wheaton Illinois golf facility with 27 holes and a full golf academy, will begin a four-year renovation starting in 2024. Cantigny that was designed by the late Roger Packard, will be renovated by architect Todd Quitno.

Construction will begin in June of 2024, on the Hillside Nine. Once the Hillside nine is completed and reopened for play, then work will start on Woodside followed by Lakeside in succeeding years. Cantigny has announced there will be 18 holes of golf open for play at all times. The Youth Links 9 hole course will remain open at all times.

Cantigny first opened for play in 1989, and immediately earned Golf Digest’s “Best New Public Course in America.”  So while there was some renovation on the property improvement done in 2003, but the work starting next year will be the first significant work undertaken since the course first opened.

CLICK HERE TO HEAR the full interview with Cantigny General Manager Terry Hanley.

Terry Hanley the KemperSports’ general manager of Cantigny Golf said,” Cantigny has a sterling reputation that attracts players from all over the country. So we are thrilled to drive the Cantigny Golf experience forward to both preserve the legacy of excellence and improve on it’s successes.”

ARCHITECT TODD QUITNO who has been a part of over 150 renovation projects is honored to oversee the work at Cantigny. Quitno’s recent Chicago area work includes the Schaumburg Park District 27-hole course, White Eagle Golf Club in Naperville, and the current work being done at Canal Shores in Evanston.

“I’m honored to be trusted with a course as respected as Cantigny,” said Quitno. “Cantigny represents some of the finest public course access golf in the country. So our team can’t wait to elevate this status to an even higher level.”

SO CLICK HERE to hear the full interview with architect Todd Quitno.

The Cantigny Golf complex sits on the 500+ acre estate of Colonel Robert R. McCormick, the long-time editor of the Chicago Tribune.

“Cantigny Golf has been a premier destination for the public for over three decades,” said Timothy P. Knight, president and CEO of the Robert R. McCormick Foundation. “But in addition to the 27-hole golf course, Cantigny has one of the regions finest golf academies and a leading junior golf program. So working with Todd Quitno and KemperSports, we are confident that this renovation will preserve the hallmark of each layout. But also enhancing them to better serve our golf community and to grow the game for years to come.”

SO THE CONSTRUCTION SCHEDULE is as follows. June of 2024: Phase One construction begins on Hillside nine, halfway house and putting green.

Phase Two-June of 2025: Hillside nine reopens: Phase Two construction on Woodside nine begins.

June of 2026: Woodside nine reopens: Phase three construction begins on Lakeside nine.

June of 2027: Lakeside nine reopens.

So for more information on Cantigny Golf, visit


THE MISTWOOD GOLF DOME on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook is open for the winter golf season daily until 10 Pm. The dome is home to Illinois PGA Section 2023 Player of the Year Andy Mickelson-congrats Andy, and McWethy’s Sports Bar home of the best wings in the southwest burbs. Lessons, Club Fittings & Toptracer Golf.

The Gog Blog by Rory Spears (R) in the new Bettinardi Studio B in Oak Brook. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or connect on LinkedIn-Facebook-Instagram. Photo by John Billiter IPGA.


Roll It Back… Noooooooooooooooo.

So with the announcement that this Wednesday morning the United States Golf Association (USGA) and the Royal & Ancient (R &A) will announce a Roll-Back of the golf ball.

Both professional golfers and amateur golfers alike, sit nervously and await their fate, with a new golf ball, that doesn’t fly like the old golf ball.

DISTANCE will be lost regardless of what style or level of golf that you play. So how much distance, that remains to be seen. Which boils down to how fast your swing and what ball you play.

THE FUNNY THING is that the argument can be made that many amateur golfers already play with a restricted flight ball that is already rolled back. How is that possible.

STOP and LOOK at the ball you are currently playing. Is it new. Is it old, did you find it on the golf course. In the weeds or fish it out of the pond. Does it have a cart path scuff on it, did it sit in your garage all last winter in the cold. Because if your using a golf ball on water holes that’s old or a cheap brand. You are already losing yardage, in fact you are already playing with a rolled-back ball.

SO WHO WINS OR LOSES WITH THIS DECISION…The architects win, the old courses that are land-locked and can’t have their tees pushed back 500 yards during the next renovation win. Those golf fans that don’t want to see the professionals play 575 yard par-5’s driver, 8 Iron. Architecture fans of old courses will rejoice. But everyone else, not so much.

SO WHAT DOES THIS MEAN for the touring professionals. For the most part they will complain, Rory McIlroy isn’t so far but he could be in the minority. Pro’s love to bomb it, and will say that’s what the fans come out to see. Grip It and Rip It Golf.

HOW WILL THE USGA and the R&A defend what they have done. The press releases and the speech by USGA Ex. Director Michael Whan should be interesting. Many golfers say the game needs to be protected, but this ruling shows that those in charge of protecting the game, have lost touch with reality and those who play the game.

WHEN WOULD THE ROLL BACK START-that day will be announced when the announcement comes out, but it won’t be right away in January of 2024. So what some people are expecting is that there will be a run on golf balls. Golfers buying dozens of ball to stock-up.

THE LEGAL DEPARTMENT-lawyers will be busy. Lawsuits from golf ball companies could surface and tie up the courts for a while. With the LIV Golf and PGA Tour fight out of the courts, there are some legal types looking for more golf work to keep them busy.

AS A LOW DOUBLE-DIGIT handicapper, I don’t think losing a yard or two off the tee box will kill my game. But every time I come up short on an approach shot, I will probably take the USGA’s name in vain. So pull up a chair on Wednesday and watch the show, some will call it a $#!t show. But before we all over-react, lets hear out those in charge and see what the plan is going to be.

KUDO’S to Mistwood’s Director of Golf Andy Mickelson on being the 2023 Illinois PGA Player of the Year. Speaking of the IPGA-great job by the section professionals who competed in the Birdies for Charity event in October. The pro’s raised almost $300,000 dollars for multiple charities, but that number could still grow with a few last minute donations.

LAST WEEK I visited the brand new Bettinardi Studio B in Oak Brook. It’s simply amazing, and I will have more coming up shortly on the facility. So if you want to learn the how-what and why’s about putting. This is the place to do it.

COG #4 and MEDINAH #3 two of Chicago top golf courses, and some might say the #1 public and the #1 private in town, will start the 2024 golf season on the sidelines.

AT COG HILL-Dubsdread has started a bunker project, that will leave the course closed to at least June 1st. MEDINAH’S COURSE #3 will still be in a grow-in period from a major course renovation. Medinah is hoping that the course can open by late June, time will tell.

WHAT ABOUT LIV GOLF-Rich Harvest Farms confirmed to Golfers on Golf that the door is open for the LIV Tour to return in 2024. A recent article in Sports says LIV will return to RHF. But if that’s the case, when is LIV going to tell RHF that it is coming back next September. So as our caddy shack judge would say-WELL, We’re Waiting…

JON RAHM TO LIV GOLF, does appear to be a done deal. IF IT’S TRUE, good for Jon and good for LIV Golf, not so good for Jay Monahan.

THE GOG BLOG IS BACK-all week long. RS


MISTWOOD’S MATT CARTER (L) and ERIC RUSSELL (R) are Mistwood Golf’s club fitting team. So if you need new clubs-go see Matt and Eric at the Mistwood Golf Dome on Rt. 53 in or (630)-739-7600. #McWethysSBar.

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Katie MacNeil of Golf360 back tonight with a holiday edition at 7 PM, Comcast Sports Net Chicago.


With a special holiday edition program, that kicks off, or tee’s off at 7 Pm.

Pardon the confusion but when two former Chicago Bears-Patrick Mannelly and new CDGA Ambassador Robbie Gould get together at The Shack in Glenview, some football will get discussed.

But since both have a love of golf, there will be plenty of golf talk as well.

So you need more-okay you got it. The Mistwood Golf Dome is front and center as the winter golf season has arrived.

The Chain by Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw has opened at Streamsong in Florida,. But closer to home, the new PGA Tour has opened in Chicago’s Lincoln Park area at 1745 W. Fullerton. So learn more about both by watching Golf360TV.

PINE MEADOW GOLF CLUB in Mundelein is expecting to be open for OUTDOOR golf today and in the week ahead. But do call ahead and check first at (847)-566-4653 Golf). But it’s also cyber week at “The Pine” for those looking for deals in their holiday golf shopping.

The Willow Hill golf dome logo.


This year the Willow Hill golf dome is not working on getting open. Because it is open.

There is multiple uses for the Willow Hill golf dome, but the golf side of the dome starts at 8 Am and it closes for golf at 3 Pm.

So if you want to hit balls in the largest golf dome in the Chicago area, you need to get an early start. Stop in and work on your game.

Makefield Putters are coming into their own and not just in the Philadelphia market.

MAKEFIELD PUTTERS have introduced a MakeFit home fitting system.

“This is a revolutionary product for the putter fitting industry. The new Makefit Home Fitting System from Makefield will dramatically affect the putter industry, and especially putter fitting for the consumer,” said Nick Biglasco, Marketing Director for Makefield putters.

So you can now try the Makefield Kit with it’s X-3 Weight system on your home turf at your own pace. It includes two club heads and four shafts with different hosel configurations, lie angles and grip styles. But in addition there is weights, washers, wrenches and screws, so you can understand the X-3 weight system.

Golfers can work with the pictures included to create a putter that works for them. So if you would like to avoid putter fittings at box stores. You can learn more at Putters that have won 2 of the last 3 PGA National Club Professional Championships.

Scottie Scheffler works out with the GolfForever trainer.


A home fitness training system that helps golfers play without limits, is making a second-chance holiday offer.

So right now through December 25th, you can save $100 dollars, on a GolfForever swing trainer and one-year on the GolfForever app access. The bundled rate is only $299.00

But evn better are the new products launched by GolfForever which include the Stability Ball+Mini Bands+Wall Anchor Set. These products are now 15% percent off through Christmas Day. GolfForever is now being used by over 400 touring golf professionals including Scottie Scheffler, Zach Johnson, Justin Leonard and Ryan Palmer. You can purchase the GolfForver training aid though Amazon or at

DO YOU WANT TO BE A GOLF ARCHITECT. If so, you can now sign up to be part of of a golf architecture Boot Camp from September 10-13, 2024 at Erin Hills in Erin Wisconsin. The camp is limited to 16 architects in training. Golf is included. But the cost is $20,000, with $15,000 of the cost being a tax deduction contribution to the ASGCA Foundation. Details at Or visit the Bootcamp website.

The Greenway Tap at The Preserve at Oak Meadows part of DuPage Golf. All DuPage brewed beers on tap.


How about a cold beverage for the holidays.

Well now you can enjoy 1 or more, when you visit the Greenway Tap. Chef Mike Riley’s specials will leave your mouths taste-bud’s watering for more.

So why not head out to the Preserve at Oak Meadows, and enjoy the Greenway Tap in the new clubhouse. So visit to see the days and hours of operation.

LIV GOLF PROMOTIONS announces the December 8-10 qualifier at the Abu Dhabi Golf Club for the three open spots on the LIV golf circuit. More than 70 players will tee it up in this Stage 1 part of qualifying. So see more details at

The new BB Series of putters, from Bettinardi Putters of Tinley Park and Oak Brook.

DALLAS BASED TOPGOLF continues to grow, with the announcement of two new facilities in southern states.

Both new facilities will open on Friday December 15th.

The first one is located in LaFayette Louisiana, which will be the second Topgolf in the state.

Topgolf Pompano Beach Florida, is the State of Florida’s 9th Topgolf venue. To learn more about both of the new facilities and everything Topgolf, see

THE CLUB AT LAC LA BELLE is running an online gift card promotion this weekend, for details visit

OAK BROOK TERRACE based Zero Friction Golf has announced it will return to the PGA Merchandise Show, next month in January of 2024. So learn more about the Zero Friction product line at

NORTHBROOK BASED KEMPERSPORTS that has long been involved with promotion of the Maui Classic college basketball tournament, has announced that the company recently raised over $1.7 million dollars to help those people affected by the Maui wildfires. So see more information at

ST. ANDREWS LINKS and TRUST has announced a six day window March 28th-April 2nd in 2024 to play the historic Old Course in it’s historic reverse layout. So for details on how to play the Old Course in reverse visit



  HERITAGE OAKS GOLF CLUB at 3535 Dundee road in Northbrook is now an all-year golf facility. The two golf simulators are open, and so is the Acorn Grill with great specials on Taco’s and Wings. The lesson and club fitting tent is open in the pro shop, so start looking at the new clubs today. or call (847)-291-2351.

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or connect LinkedIn/Facebook/Instagram.


A Deere is running through Cog Hill on the 9th hole.


Course #4 the famed Dubsdread is undergoing the knife, some 15 years after the last major work was done.

But this time, it’s not a full renovation of the golf course. Because it’s a bunker project, with some green work and a handful of trees coming down as well.

The Better Billy Bunkers are going in, to a golf course that has always had enough sand to challenge the best golfers.

Your on the first at Cog Hill.

Architect Greg Muirhead part of the Rees Jones team, is back on the course, over-seeing the project like he did back in 2007-with an assist from architect Joe Jemsek.

But as winter closes in-the work is moving along, but there is much still to do. Because currently the digging has been on holes 1,2,3,9 and 10. The remaining holes are staked out-but the bunkers have not been dug-up.

The Mistwood Golf Dome-open daily until 10 PM. Home to Toptracer and McWethy’s Sports Bar. Located in Bolingbrook on Rt. 53, call and book a bay at (630)-739-7600.

The third green has had some additional work done to it, so it’s currently covered.

There are a few places where some trees have come out. But the number is very small, so for those of you golfers that work the golf ball, you won’t gain that much room.

Dubsdread #4 did close early this year so the work could begin. But it will also reopen late in 2024, giving things time to settle before it’s balls in the air time.

The 3rd green on Course #4 at Cog Hill.

So as of now, the “hopeful” reopening date for 2024 is June 1st.

But as anyone who follows golf course improvement projects knows.

They rarely do open on-time. Sometimes it’s only an additional 2-3 weeks, sometimes it’s a month or 6 weeks. So hope for a winter that is not too harsh, and a spring that is even better. But until then the Jemsek’s will have Courses 1,2 and 3 up and running which leaves golfers 54 holes still to choose from. Cog Hill Golf as always-open all year.

See more at or call (866)-264-4455


MISTWOOD GOLF CLUB (L) and Mistwood Golf Dome (R)-the year round Mistwood Golf Operation. Currently the dome is in full swing, with birdies and coming soon. But the dome is open daily until 10 Pm, for Toptracer golf, lessons and club fittings. So call the dome at (630)-739-7600 or online at #McWethysSportsbar

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The drawing of the proposed Maple Meadows renovation by DuPage Golf and architect Greg Martin.


The DuPage County Forest Preserve District is moving into Phase Two of renovating its golf operation.

So after a successful multiple award winning renovation of Oak Meadows, now known as “The Preserve at Oak Meadows”. The second stage will be the renovation of Maple Meadows, which is located across the street from The Preserve.

Nearly 60 people turned out at an open house to hear about the proposed plan for Maple Meadows. Photo by Ed Stevenson.

But the best news for golfers, might be that there will be no disruption of play in the 2024 golf season.

Ed Stevenson Director of Golf for the forest preserve district, says work is proposed to start in 2025 or 2026. But the permitting process to begin work on the property. Can cause delays in the actual construction to start.

Roughly 60 people showed up at an open house, to hear more from Stevenson and architect Greg Martin.

Architect Greg Martin at the podium speaks to the proposed master plan for Maple Meadows golf course. Photo by Ed Stevenson.

“The proposed work at Maple Meadows is intended to provide greater variety, make it more playable, highlight the landscape, expand practice options and simplify the operations,” Martin said. “Simply we are focused on making Maple Meadows the best it can be.”

Martin’s plan does call for changes to the routing of Maple Meadows, and an expanded practice areas for the golf course. But not a full-sized driving range built to the scale of the one at The Preserve.

Stevenson summed up what the renovation will do for Maple Meadows.

“For decades, Maple Meadows has been a place where a broad audience of public golfers can find quality conditions. Which include a fun experience at a moderate price point. Technology, the game of golf, and the expectations of public golfers have evolved over the years. In addition to fixing aging infrastructure, the updates to the layout and improved amenities proposed in our plan will make sure Maple Meadows continues to be fun and engaging for the public golfer in the decades to come. While improving the golf experience, we plan to enhance the environmental benefits within the property as well. Costs for the improvement to the infrastructure, golf course, and environmental areas are approximately $10 million dollars.”

Green Meadows a nine hole course operated by the DuPage Country Forest Preserve, could see improvements in the future. But any work there would not begin until Maple Meadows reopens from its renovation. This way during the Maple Meadows renovation, the DCFPD would still have two courses open for public play.

Golfers on Golf will continue to follow developments regarding the Maple Meadows renovation.


MISTWOOD GOLF CLUB & MISTWOOD GOLF DOME, one of Chicago’s year-round golf operations. So as the temperatures drop, your game can raise itself up with some winter practice with Toptracer in the Mistwood Golf Dome. The dome is home to the famed McWethy’s Sports Bar, where some of the best chicken wings you will ever taste do reside. The dome is located on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook see or call the dome and book a hitting bay at (630)-739-7600. Birdie & Brews Sat. Dec. 9th.

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Michigan architect Ray Hearn will by the architect working on the Lincolnshire Fields bunker renovation project.

LINCOLNSHIRE FIELDS Country Club has launched a full course bunker renovation with architect Ray Hearn.

Lincolnshire Fields Country Club located in Champaign Illinois, a 1976 design by the late E. Lawrence Packard, is undertaking the project as part of the masterplan created by Hearn in 2022.

“My goals and objectives with a great club like Lincolnshire are very simple,” Hearn said. “As I do with all my projects, I want to make sure the renovations reflect what the club desires for their course and that they are strategic for golfers of all skill levels.”

During the master-planning stage, Hearn noticed that the green and fairway edges had moved away from the bunkers in the four decades since the original construction.

“We’re tuning that up, bringing the bunker edges closer and we are also making some significant design changes to certain bunkers,” Hearn said. “They were originally constructed in the mid-60’s (first nine) and mid-70’s (second nine) and that was the era of big capes and bays in bunker design. The club is now looking at bunkers in a more Golden Age style. So to appear that they were constructed in the early 1920’s by the legendary architects of that period.”

Bunker work has started at Lincolnshire Fields.

Hearn says the course will now have a historic look and feel, when work concludes.

” A lot of clubs are gravitating to the historical look with their bunkers because of the classic appearance,” said Hearn. “Capes and bays have become higher maintenance items. So I have given Lincolnshire a design with beautiful bunkers that I feel will play more strategic.”

Hearn expects the project will be completed by next spring, and adds that General Manager Rob Walls and Superintendent Paul Sermershein are great to work with.

Walls says that,” we aren’t fully able to execute (Ray’s) plan at this time. But the bunkers are a key first step to the level we want to reach. The Golden Age shaping will have a greater effect on play.”

Hearn calls Lincolnshire country Club one of the great clubs in Illinois. “So I look forward to a continued relationship with this tremendous club. Lincolnshire Fields first review the project in 2012 under late Superintendent Werner who passed away in March.

The American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA) have awarded Hearn five design Excellence Awards since 2012. So to learn more about this project, please visit


ERIC RUSSELL (L) AND MATT CARTER (R) MAKE UP THE Mistwood Golf club fitting team. Currently both Russell and Carter are doing fittings in the Mistwood Golf Dome on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook. So visit the events schedule at or call the dome at (630)-739-7600 to book a hitting bay. While there eat at McWethy’s-Sportsbar.

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Geoff Ogilvy of the Australian course design firm OCM at TPC Deere Run during the John Deere Classic.

THIS SUMMER Geoff Ogilvy of the OCM golf course design firm, took time to speak with Tim Cronin of the Illinois Golfer, and Golfers on Golf about the Medinah Course 3 renovation his firm is conducting.

Ogilvy the 2006 U.S. Open Champion at Winged Foot works with Michael Cocking and Ashley Mead which forms OCM.

Medinah Course #3, will reopen in 2024-at some point around the 4th of July, pending how much work was completed this fall. Plus the grow-in time needed after what a harsh or soft winter does to the course in the cold months ahead. So stay tuned. RS

IG: TELL US ABOUT THE MEDINAH PLAN: OGILVY “As historic as Medinah is, there is not a real attachment to any famous architect. So it was all about making it as good as you can. We found evidence that (AW) Tillinghast had been there, but it was still about making it as good as you can. Which is fun, because Course #3 is an amazing piece of land. So we took our principals and tried to maximize the appeal of the land. One of the shots against Medinah has always been that three of the par-3’s (2-13-17) were the same.”

OGILVY” So for the first 12 holes we really didn’t change anything. We just tried to improve what’s there. The last six holes are quite different. The 16th hole is still there, but it’s going to be 15. Which is a great hole, it’s the Sergio (Garcia) hole. But it’s going to be a little bit straighter, but it’s going to feel like 16.”

IG: OVER THE LAST SIX HOLES-DID YOU SEE ONE HOLE YOU HAD TO HAVE, THEN BUILD THE OTHERS: OGILVY ” 16 is a pretty cool hole, so we were a bit scared about suggesting that, since it’s a big change. There is fantastic drama there around the lake, and we thought what could we do to maximize it. So I think it will turn out pretty well. It’s really exciting and pretty cool.”

GOG: HAVE YOU BEEN ON PROPERTY LATELY: I have and I’m going back. Medinah has been a fantastic club to work with. Pulling the trigger like that which such a large membership is difficult. Trying to get the membership to approve can upset the applecart with a big group of people. But the communication as been great with the membership, us, and the PGA Tour because of the Presidents.”

OCM at Medinah this past July-photo courtesy of Ryan Potts MCC. L-R Geoff Ogilvy-Ashley Mead-Michael Cocking.

GOG: TELL US ABOUT THE CHANGES TO THE 18TH HOLE, WHICH IS NOW A GOLF HOLE THAT RUNS TO MEDINAH ROAD WITH HUGE BUNKERS-INSTEAD OF THE CLUBHOUSE, A PUTTING COURSE, AND PAR 3 COURSE. OGILVY, “The bunkers are big, but our research showed that 18 used to run up that corridor next to the first hole. The flag pole is still next to the green, which makes the hole feel the same and in time people will forget the change of direction. The second shot will still feel the same, but the tee shot is more interesting. What’s flashy is the big bunkers on the left and the big one on the right. I’m not sure where people will tee off from, but the drive on 18 will become an exciting shot.”

IG-HOW ABOUT ELIMINATING THE CURRENT 15TH HOLE: OGILVY “I don’t think anyone was enamored with the 15th hole and the pond on the right. I don’t anyone loved that one. I don’t think anyone at Medinah will be sad to see that 15th hole go. When the the club said it could go, it gave us room to fix up that entire corner of the property. The first 12 holes should still feel like Medinah to everybody, with the last six holes being different. There will be a touch of native grass, but not much. Which adds some texture to the golf course. I know over the last 15 years the club will now have redone all three courses, hopefully now they will be done.”

OGILVY: “The Short course will be fun, everywhere you put them people love them. The Himalaya putting greens are still hit and miss, people really love them or hate them. But they are good for kids or the senior players. I just felt the one thing that could not go on the 18th hole or in that area was the flag pole.”

Golfers on Golf will continue to follow the progress of the Medinah Course #3 renovation. RS