THE PETE DYE COURSE at the French Lick Resort is now OPEN for the season, along with all golf courses at the resort, which is still closed. MCWETHY’S TAVERN at the Mistwood Golf Club on Renwick Rd. Romeoville is open for curbside food pick-up.  _____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG-by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy, and on Facebook and LinkedIn. Under the lights at Topgolf Schaumburg.

HANG IN THERE, I know area golf courses are closed due to Covid-19 via the Governor, but April 8th will be here in no-time. Until then here is more golf news, so your ready when we can play again.

The French Lick Resort has opened all of it’s golf courses for the season, with the opening of the Pete Dye Golf Course yesterday. Good news. But the resort, casino, restaurants and sports book are closed for now.

If you wish to travel to French Lick, the Best Western Hotel down the street from the resort is open and has rooms available. Details on the resorts

SCOTT MOLITOR a Milwaukee Wisconsin businessman, will be the new owner of the Bull at Pinehurst Farms in Sheboygan Falls Wisconsin. Molitor reportedly is an avid golfer, but wasn’t really interested in owning a golf course until he learned of “The Bull” going up for auction. Molitor a friend of Jack Nicklaus decided to buy the golf course, when he learned the course was a Nicklaus design. Reports are that the club will get managed by Northbrook/Chicago based KemperSports Management.

The V1 Sports Video App and lesson cycle.

With golfers sheltering in place these days, and Covid-19 on the loose, the V1 Sports App is a way that professional golf instructors can connect with the students.

The V1 Sports App is growing so much, that it just went over the 4 million mark, of lessons given through V1.

There is a 30-Day free trial of V1 allows instructors to test the 2020 V1 Pro Studio software system and then decide to sign up for one of three plans, V1 Complete (a combination of studio or mobile), V1 Pro or V1 Mobile. So they can produce lessons with video, voice-over and telestration. For more information visit

The Women’s Spring line from New Balance.

The spring line of golf shoes for women is now available. So when the virus goes away and it’s time again to play, will you have your new shoes ladies.

Both New Balance  and Callaway have their lines of shoes for ladies ready for spring.

From New Balance there is the Women’s Fresh Foam LinksSL. The Fresh Foam midsole is a data-driven design, that provides soft cushioning and lateral stability. The shoe weights only 9.0 oz. and has a 2-year waterproof warranty. $89.95

New Balance also offers the Women’s 574 Green which is a waterproof microfiber leather performance upper. It comes with a 2-year waterproof warranty. $79.95.

GOLFERS 911 the handbook. Something that should be in everyone’s golf bag. It’s a spiral book that is only 4″ by 6″, and is a 64-page guide. BEFORE you save par, save a life. It’s written by Mason Delafield of Delray Beach FL., and edited by Dr. Ronald Brown from Charlotte NC.

This book tells what to do in cases related to being on the course, when a health emergency arrives. Falling in a bunker, snake or alligator attack, cardiac arrest, choking, seizure, cuts, head injuries, insect bites, bee stings and more. Your help might be needed before first responders arrive. Any golfer can buy this book for $14.95, it can be customized or ordered in bulk. It should be on sale in every pro-shop. To obtain your Golfers 911 book, email

CALLAWAY CUSTOM’S the way to design your Mavrik driver the way you want it. Pick your color scheme, stamp your logo or initials.

GOLF 360 TV with Dave Lockhart and former Chicago Bear Long Snapper Patrick Mannelly, with return in June. In the meantime enjoy some new Golf360 videos on You-Tube.

The Big Ten Men’s Golf Championships at Rich Harvest Farms. Probably not.

The Big Ten Conference that was supposed to hold the Men’s Conference Golf Championships at Jerry Rich’s, Rich Harvest Farms in Sugar Grove likely will not.

College spring sports were shut down originally, then the Big Ten decided to revisit the situation on April 6th.

However on Friday night they decided to hold back from making any decision on spring athletics or group activities until May 4th. Which is one day after the conference championship would have been played. Here is hoping that 2021 can be played at RHF. 2022 is scheduled for the French Lick Resort.

AS OF NOW-the Play Golf Under The Stars-Night Golf at Foxford Hills is still on for May 8th. To sign-up call the club at (847)-639-0400.

ONE OF THE BUSY-spots at the PGA Show, was the EZGO Golf Cart booth.

One of the busy places at the PGA Show was the EZGO Golf Cart booth, where EZGO unveiled the new EX1 gas powered golf cart.

What are your cart needs as you head into 2020.

Does your favorite club, the the private club you belong to need new golf carts. Is it time to replace an aging fleet.

Do you now live in a golf community where you should have your own cart, either to go to the course, the store, or just to drive around the neighborhood.

Click here to hear the interview with EZGO Golf Carts (Textron) Director of Communications Brandon Haddock.

BEN MALOY shows that EVOLVE GOLF is your home to a good tee. What started as a bad tee shot, has “Evolved” in much more than that at

Click here to hear our interview with Evolve Golf’s Ben Maloy, better golf tee’s, better for the environment, other markers and tee gifts.

Coral Coast Bermuda, golf and beach wear. For when the beach look works for golf and at the club.

There are times when casual just works, and it really works when your wearing Coral Coast of Bermuda.

Credit Sam Outerbridge and Adam Petty, for finding a way to get it done.

Is it comfortable, is it colorful, is it just you.

How do you look in a pair of Bermuda Shorts, now it’s time to find out with a pair of shorts from Coral Coast.

Click here to hear our interview with Coral Coast Clothing Founder Sam Outerbridge.

Chip Beck-One member of the 59 club is still out pitching.

Former PGA Tour player Chip Beck says he has retired from playing out on the professional tours, but this member of the 59 club is not done giving his pitch to golfers that need an easier way to fix ball marks and more.

When Beck gives you his pitch, it goes right to the cup, where it’s easy, to retrieve your ball, and fix your ball mark.

Want more, you can do everything without even having to bend over. Pitch Fix does it all for you.

Click here to hear the interview with 59-club member Chip Beck on the new Pitch-Fix. is how to learn more about the ball mark repair tool you must have, take it from the 3-time team USA Ryder Cup member Chip Beck, fix your pitch mark with Pitch-Fix.



                              CLOSED                                                          OPEN                              THE MISTWOOD GOLF DOME AND GOLF COURSE ARE CLOSED, but the good news is that McWethy’s Sportsbar and McWethy’s Tavern are open for curbside pick up or you can use a delivery service. Details or   ____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG-by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy, and on Linkedin or Facebook.

THE CORONADO by Callaway.

Callaway Golf one of the leaders in the golfer industry, is now growing it’s footwear line.

With shoes like the LaGrange and the Coronado, Callaway is now competing with the top names in apparel and footwear.

Do your current pair of golf shoes lack traction, comfort, and style. Are they too heavy and are they waterproof.

Are your socks getting wet on the humid days and when the dew is full during early morning rounds.

Click here to learn more about Callaway Shoes from our interview with marketing director Anders Jahn.

Anders Jahn shows off the new Callaway Oceanside shoe.

If you don’t want spikes, you can go spikeless.

The new Callaway shoe line is not just for the men, ladies you have your choice of shoes as well. With or without spikes.

Callaway staffer and 2017 BMW Championship winner at Conway Farms Marc Leishman wears the Coronado line, with his personal choices of colors. Canadian Adam Hadwin wears his Callaway shoes with the Canadian maple leaf logo on them.

For more details on the Callaway shoe line, that goes well with Callaway clubs, golf balls, or garments in the apparel line. See


THE MISTWOOD GOLF CLUB IN ROMEOVILLE (815)-254-3333 WILL NOT OPEN tomorrow as previously planned. McWethy’s Tavern and McWethys Sports Bar are open for curbside pick-ups.

FLIP-FLOP yet another change of position by Governor J.B. Pritzker (D) on the state of golf in Illinois.

It’s the fourth change in 8 days. Now golfers and golf course owners are just as confused as Springfield.

Golf industry experts say one of the safest places you can be while outdoors is on a golf course right now. That is likely true.

There is some thought that all the beach front-lake front party-goers in the city yesterday, ruined it for everyone.

As a result of so many people out biking, running, or gathering in groups, having a picnic or just hanging out in big groups, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) said “enough” and closed the Chicago lakefront down T,he police were there today, enjoying the best duty they have ever had. Standing around on the beach and lakefront telling those that showed up, “were closed”.

What golf courses everywhere in Illinois must do now.

So as of now golfers and everyone else are shut out of places they would like to be, and at times that includes work.

Another note in the golf world, was the date change of the Indianapolis 500. Which will now be raced on August 23rd, which coincides with the final round of the BMW Championship at Olympia Fields.

The NBC network is supposed to show both events. The Golf Channel is an option for the PGA Tour, or maybe the race ends early enough so the last 10-12 holes at the BMW, can get shifted back to NBC. Who knows.

As for me in case you were wondering. I have not played since the PGA Show trip, but was thinking about going out this week. Then after almost 4-5 inches of snow was in my backyard on Monday, I decided not to play. Yes the snow is gone, but the water from it is not.

Wet fairways, closed clubhouses, halfway houses, bathrooms, driving ranges, elevated cups, not touching the flag sticks, no ranks in bunkers, no tee markers on some courses, doesn’t seem much like golf. Unless your just testing a new club for a few holes. If courses were open, I’d have some short loops set-up like maybe 3 or 6 holes.

What I do sense is that Governor Pritzker better let some sort of re-opening happen come April 8th, or he will face a full revolt that goes well beyond the golf industry in Illinois. I’m sure if he needs a few more days after the 8th, like until the following Monday, people will suck-it-up and give it to him. But on the 13th or 14th of April, we should be ready to start swinging again, even if it comes in small steps, with restrictions.

I like the fact that President  Donald Trump (R) is hopeful to have some sense of normal by Easter on April 12th. But I’m not sure that is optimistic, and the president says he will listen to the medical experts. Let’s hope they are right. It would be real sad if by mid-summer we can look back on the Cornona-Virus days, as the big threat that turned into a big hoax.

So lets give the state another 11 days, and keep putting in the living room or the office and basement. I will, and lets hope our short games are all better when the courses reopen for good. Most of us could use some improvement on our short games.

RORY SPEARS-Director of Content and Creation/Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or Facebook and Linkedin.


Mistwood Golf Club in Romeoville (L)-Mistwood Golf Dome in Bolingbrook (R). Updating on Mistwood Golf Club opening tomorrow 3-27. In the meantime McWethy’s Sports Bar and McWethy’s Tavern, are open for curb-side pickup if your looking for great food. ______________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG-by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy, Facebook, or Linkedin. With the Callaway Maverick Driver.

THE CALLAWAY MAVERICK DRIVER, is not just a driver, it’s really three drivers. Then there are more options, which include Maverick fairway woods. You need more, yes there are Maverick Irons.

Callaway has outdone itself again. Three years ago they introduced the Epic Driver, it was a winner. that got followed up with the Rogue Line. Another winner. Last year it was the Epic Flash Driver and fairway woods.

By developing what they have over the last few years, Callaway has put itself in a position of “can you top this”. The answer again is, YES.

Mavrik is the yes in AI. Artificial Intelligence. But Mavrik is more than just one driver, the options are fit for every club in your bag, and it plays to the best part of your game, while making it better. It doesn’t matter what type of ball flight you have, what your swing speed or handicap is, Mavrik can work for you and your game. It will make you better. If your thinking new clubs in 2020, don’t buy anything else until you at-least, test Mavrik.

The Mavrik Driver by Callaway

When Epic Flash came on the market, it was the first driver created with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It was the # 1 selling driver in 2019.

That led the Callaway R& D Team to push things to another level. They went looking for an even greater amount of distance, more forgiveness and consistency. The new Mavrik had the benefit of being designed by Callaway’s new supercomputer. This new computer allowed the Callaway design team to have an even better understanding on how to take drivers to a place, that none had gone before.

The face of the new Mavrik Driver.

The new Flash Face SS20 design has a thinner face, but a more expansive hitting area for a greater ball speed.

Callaway’s supercomputer ran thousands of prototypes over weeks to arrive at the design for the new Mavrik.

What also emerged with Mavrik’s design, was the need for a tougher and stronger material to handle impact. So Callaway has introduced the FS2S titanium in the club face. This high grade titanium is 6 grams lighter that traditional materials found in drivers.

Callaway Product Marketing Manager Steven Sourigno with a Mavrik Iron and 3-Wood.

While Callaway is adding what’s new to Mavrik, they has kept some of what’s recent and proven.

Jailbreak and the T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown. Jailbreak are the two bars behind the face that connect the sole to the crown which generates faster ball speed. The T2C carbon crown, is lighter than a traditional titanium crown, and that gave the engineering team an opportunity to redistribute weight, for better forgiveness.

Click here to hear the interview with Callaway Product Marketing Manager Steven Sourigno, on the full line of Maverik Clubs.

Mavrik Driver comes in lofts of 9-10.5- and 12 degrees, with pricing set at $499.00.

MAVRIK is just not one driver, it’s three. If your drive to the fairway requires something different, there is the Mavrik Sub-Zero Driver. This driver offers a combination of low spin and high MOI. Sub-Zero has a slightly smaller head (450cc), with two interchangeable screws front and back, to change the launch angle and spin rate. It comes in 9 and 10.5 degree lofts. The titanium rib-system found on all Mavrik drivers, allows for a deeper and satisfying sound at impact.

MAVRIK MAX DRIVER is option three in the Mavrik driver line. This long easy-to-hit driver reduces slice off the tee, because it has the largest draw bias capability. MAX has two interchangeable weights, 14g and 2g. They are positioned in the sole near the heel and center-back. A heavier weight in the heel of the club promotes a maximum draw ball flight. Comes in lofts of 9-10.5 and 12 degrees.

The Mavrik line of clubs has moved past being only drivers. It’s now available in fairway woods and irons. For more information visit


THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy, and on Facebook or LinkedIn.

GREAT NEWS-ILLINOIS GOLF WILL RETURN tomorrow, Wednesday March 25th.

Here is part of the updated mandate from the State of Illinois.

Can golf courses open: YES.

But under these guidelines from the Illinois Department of Economic Opportunity.

Clubhouses and food services are closed. To pay for your round if it’s a public course, you must do so in advance, you can not go in the clubhouse to pay. You must have it done before you get there.

YOU MUST WALK-no carts are going out. No food or beverage operations can be up and running. NO beverage carts can be sent out on the course, and no halfway houses can open. You should be using social distancing guidelines.

ILLINOIS GUIDELINES on golf courses have been revised as of March 24th.

Courses can control whether or not they put rakes out in the traps, many will not. IF your on the range, or putting green engage in social distancing.

TRY NOT to touch flag sticks. Many courses will elevate the cups above ground level so you do not have to reach into the cup to get your golf ball.

This morning, the Governor of Ohio reopened golf courses, and all states surrounding the borders of Illinois had courses open as of today. ONLY Illinois was shutdown. If you wish to play, call the course to see if they are open, and make payment. Private club members should check with the head golf professional or director of golf, to see if guests are welcome.

Private club members, you are not allowed in your clubhouses. If you need your clubs from your locker, or other items from your locker, call the pro shop, and your items will have to be brought out to you.

If your out golfing in the next few days and wish to share pictures with us. Post them on my Facebook page (Rory Spears), or send to our Twitter account @GogBlogGuy. Also if you not following us on Twitter, we encourage you to do so.

Good golfing every one. One small step everyone, but it’s a start.  RORY


The Mistwood Gome on Rt.53 (Bolingbrook Drive) in Bolingbrook is closed for golf, but McWethy’s Sportsbar is open for food carry-outs, or you can use a delivery service. Details at (630)-739-7600 or please visit

GOLF NEWS-Ohio and Michigan Governors reopen golf courses, with restrictions. Hopefully it’s good news for Illinois. Courses located in Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky and Missouri are open as well.

ANTIGUA a leader in the golf apparel industry, heads into it’s 40th season with a Patriotic theme for 2020.

CEO Ron McPherson said,” in both a Ryder Cup and Olympic year, we thought it was a great time to show our national colors.”

For day one of the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando this past January, Antigua staffers in the companies booth, all dressed in patriotic colors.

Ron McPherson CEO of Antigua Apparel.

With 2020 being a Ryder Cup year (hopefully), and was supposed to be an Olympic year, McPherson decided it was time for his company to show their colors, our colors and Antigua supports our Team’s USA.

In fact Antigua has contracts with all the major sports in addition to golf, and the players various tours that play them.

Antigua has contracts with the NHL, MLB, NBA, MLS, NFL, Minor League Baseball, NASCAR and many colleges and universities. Antigua apparel is found at both the NBA and MLB All-Star games. But of course remains a leader in golf, for apparel on and off the golf course.

Ron McPherson in front of the Antigua booth at the PGA Merchandise Show.

Antigua like many companies that work in the golf world, gather feedback from the players they sponsor, men, women, seniors and younger players. What remains the most challenging aspects of the apparel industry, are issues such as lightweight, non-stick materials on hot days, keeping apparel not only comfortable, but allowing golfers to swing without restriction.

When the temperatures drop, golfers need to be able to add a layer of clothing, without adding restriction while keeping them warm. Playing in apparel that holds up in the rain is another situation that challenges designers.

Click here to hear the interview with Antigua CEO Ron McPherson.

There are plenty of new options to choose from in 2020, please visit or to see all the options for men and women. You can find Antigua on major social media channels.

So when your finally ready to plan your wardrobe for the spring and summer ahead, think Antigua. A leader in the golf apparel industry. Supporting the USA and Team USA at the Ryder Cup this fall.


MISTWOOD’s Director of Golf Andy Mickelson hits a shot from the Mistwood Golf Dome, which is now closed through April 7th. Details at but McWethy’s Sports Bar in the dome is open for carry-outs. (630)-739-7600


Now they stay the same until April 7th, when Illinois Governor (D) J.B. Pritzker will have his mandate lifted about staying at home.

Let’s hope the mandate gets lifted on the 7th, I’m not sure how much more the people of this state can take.

I was sent a question yesterday that read, “at what point do we worry less about maybe saving lives, because we need to worry about saving our own livelihood.” Good question, hopefully it’s one that all of us won’t have to worry about.

With the governors mandate that kicked in at 5 Pm on Saturday, the golf courses that were still open shutdown. Jemsek Golf had Cog Hill, Pine Meadow and St. Andrews all close on Saturday. For now it’s the right thing to do.

What was interesting was a video posted by head professional Dennis Johnsen at Pine Meadow. Not only did Johnsen mention his new golf carts will be ready for golfers when they return, but that Pine Meadow will use this time to start the spring aeration so the course is done with the process by the time it reopens.

I would think that more clubs should take advantage of this plan while they are in the shutdown mode. When golfers do return, do they want to return to aeration holes, I would think not. Of course late Sunday afternoon’s and Sunday nights snow might be prevent aeration from starting today. But by Tuesday with temps in the 50’s, grass should be, re-appearing.

IT WAS GREAT TO CATCH UP WITH LEN ZIEHM on Saturday from his Florida home in PGA Village. Ziehm could not talk real long because he was headed out to play golf, because in Florida the golf courses were not shut down. They did have restrictions, but they were still open for play.

There are theories about the virus, still unproven I might add, but that the virus is not doing as well in warm weather. Time will tell if that’s true, but if it is, northern golfers might have to head south and look for 90 degree days and go out to play. FYI-Ziehm still has his weekly golf column running the Daily Herald on Wednesdays.

Mentored by the King-by Brad Brewer.

IF YOU ARE STUCK in your clubhouse, I might suggest that this is a great time to catch up on your reading. Whether it’s golf online, in your favorite golf magazine, or in a golf book that you bought or were given as a gift.

I have started catching up on my golf reading, and my first book is by professional Brad Brewer who has a teaching academy in Orlando. Brewer was Arnold Palmer’s right hand man in several area’s for years. So if your looking for some good golf lessons on and off the golf course, get a copy of Mentored by the King-by Brad Brewer. $16.99 US.

When I’m done with Brewers book, I have more to read on Jack Nicklaus and some of his great golf designs, Lee Pace’s book on the history of Pinehurst, and the Centennial Book on the PGA of America. Look for some post’s I’ll call “book club” in the weeks ahead.

While indoors, be careful swinging your clubs in the living room, or the office, you might break something. But it is a good time to work on your putting. If you are still undecided on new clubs, now is a great time to do some research on “IF” news clubs are right for you. I’m hoping the club and ball makers will drop the prices a bit, and have a “Back to Golf Sale”. With numerous golfers out of work for a while, peoples budgets for golf have been impacted.

With the Masters postponed until likely October, and the PGA postponed, the next major on the tee is the U.S. Open at Winged Foot in June. Could the U.S. Open be the first major, what about the British Open being the first major. At this point when golf does resume on the professional level, the schedule is going to be very interesting. Expect changes imposed by the PGA Tour and golfs governing bodies.

I’m back tomorrow, and keep it here for the golf news around town. In the meantime #cleanupyourclubhouse RS.


THE MISTWOOD GOLF DOME- on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook. The golf dome is closed through April 1, and likely the 7th per the Illinois mandate. But McWethy’s Sportsbar inside is open to carry-out. Info

THE GOG BLOG-by RORY SPEARS, Director of content and Creation. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy and on LinkedIn or Facebook.

JEMSEK GOLF SHUTS DOWN, following the shutdown order that was put in place by Governor J.B. Pritzker (D) on Friday, and took effect on Saturday (yesterday) the 21st.

Cog Hill closed all it’s courses and it’s range indefinitely, and did not announce a reopening date. Stay tuned for updates here or at

MORE FROM JEMSEK GOLF…as of last night, Pine Meadow in Mundelein has also closed due to the state mandate pertaining to the Corona-Virus. Clubhouse, Range and golf course are closed. A small maintenance crew is working at the course, and will escort anyone off the course if caught out playing. Pine Meadow will open again on April 7th, after the current shutdown expires. Do watch the video on the clubs website with head professional Dennis Johnsen. Johnsen makes several good points, including the fact Pine Meadow is using this time closed to aerate the golf course. So it’s perfect when golfers return. This appears to be a great idea.

CALLAWAY GOLF has announced it’s partnering with Cuater part of Travis Matthew on the release of it’s new line of golf shoe, now available, but not available due to the shutdown from the virus in California. Additionally Cuater has a new line of golf gloves. more information through Callaway, TM and Cuater websites.

  Club Champion is headquartered in Willowbrook Illinois. (R) Team members work on shafts.

Club Champion the nations largest club fitter will partner with Arccos Golf, as a result Arccos’ smart grips and sensors will not be available at all of Club Champion’s 70+ locations, with or without a club fitting.

Arccos will be Club Champions official on-course data partner, and Club Champion fitters will be trained and certified as experts in the Arccos Caddie performance tracking platform, that helps the golfer in a variety of game statistical categories.

“Having access to our clients, Arccos on-course shot data allows us to fully understand each player’s unique golf DNA,” said Nick Sherburne, Club Champion Founder. “The Data is golden. It helps golfers and our fitters better track performance while gaining an unbiased understanding of where they excel and what they need to improve. This will further solidify Club Champion as the leader in fitting and helping people get better at the game of golf.”

Arccos Caddie users who played at least five rounds lowered their handicap by 4.2 strokes.

Club Champion fits and builds custom clubs with all the major manufacturers, and has been ranked among the Top 100 Best Club Fitters 10 consecutive years. For more information see

Ben Hogan ICON Irons

BEN HOGAN GOLF releases ICON IRONS, a more traditional Muscle Back Blade for better players.

The Icon iron comes with many of Mr. Hogan’s design principals and philosophies.

The Hogan Companies Direct-to-Consumer business option allows golfers to eliminate retail mark-up. Icon irons will be sold at $770.00 (chrome) and $800 (black) for a 7-piece set.

Scott White, CEO of the Ben Hogan Equipment Company said,” Ben Hogan always had high standards, especially for his blade iron designs. We think the new ICON irons are clubs he would be very proud of.” More information at

Stephanie Carter CEO of Wallaroo

WALLAROO HATS based in Boulder Colorado, has announced their new line called Carkela for 2020.

Perfect for Golf-Travel-Resort-Beach and poolside wearing.

Carkella is the new collection from Wallaroo, that comes with an etched metal badge, that attaches to a hidden magnet in the trim of the hat.

Wallaroo-Carkella comes with the following features, Flexi Weave, that helps keep your hat in shape no matter how it was packed. The UV-Protection Factor that protects your skin in the area’s that your Carkella hat covers. The Carkella Line is washable, learn how by watching videos on the website. Comfy-Fit, and Travel Friendly.

Click here to hear our interview with Stephanie Carter of Wallaroo Hats and the Carkella Collection for 2020.

More models from Wallaroo include the Fairway, the Victoria, the Palm Beach, the Parker, and the Sydney Fedora. See or (303)-494-5949 or toll free at (888)-925-2766. Offices are currently closed because of the Corona Virus.

THE GOG BLOG SPEAKS OUT is back tomorrow. RS


THE MISTWOOD GOLF DOME-on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook.

THE MISTWOOD GOLF DOME on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook is closed through at least the end of the month of March, and likely through April 6th per Governor JB Pritzker’s (D) mandate on the Virus.

Currently McWethy’s Tavern at the dome is still open for business, if you wish to carry out. You can place an order and pick-up, or have a delivery service pick-up for you. Details at (630)-739-7600.         ____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG-by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy, and LinkedIn or Facebook.

THE U.S. OPEN TROPHY on the par 4, 15th hole at Erin Hills. Welcome to Erin Hills home of the 2017 U.S. Open, the 2022 USGA Mid-Amateur, and 2025 U.S. Women’s Open.

WHAT’S NEW AT ERIN HILLS, the Drumlin Putting Course (L) and the Fescue Rescue cocktail served at Erin Hills.

The U.S. Women’s Open Trophy (L) and the USGA Mid Amateur Trophy (L).

Destination golf property Erin Hills in Erin Wisconsin, is preparing for another exciting year of golf in central to southeast Wisconsin.

Tee times and rooms for overnight stays are filling fast for the year ahead, that will tee off on May 4th and run into early October.

If you have never been to Erin Hills, or it’s been a few seasons since your last round of golf at Erin Hills, you should check out what’s ahead for 2020.

Click here to hear our interview with Erin Hills PGA Ambassador Rich Tock, on whats up at Erin Hills.

Tock talks about improvements at Erin Hills in place, what might be next, and what the next course at Erin Hills could be. More details at



THE MISTWOOD GOLF DOME in Bolingbrook is closed through the end of the month (virus safety).

But McWethy’s Sportsbar in the dome is open for carry out orders. Or you can use delivery services to  have orders taken to your home.

More info at or by calling (630)-739-7600.

THE GOG BLOG-by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy, and on LinkedIn or Facebook.

The new Bushnell Tour V5

Bushnell Outdoor Products a leader in the golf rangefinder industry, and on the PGA Tour, has added to it’s line of range finders in 2020.

“Golfers look to us to provide the most accurate distance readings on the course to perform at their highest level,” said Derek Schuman, Senior Brand Manager at Bushnell Golf. “We are constantly innovating and developing new technologies, and with the addition of our BITE magnetic cart mount, Visual JOLT and our updated slope algorithm in the Tour V5 Shift, we continue to provide golfers the products they need to increase their confidence and play better golf.”

The new Tour V5 rangefinders now include “BITE” technology. It’s BITE magnetic mount allows for a safe secured storage during a round of golf. JOLT is a red ring that flashes when golfers actually lock onto the flag.

More features include a new slope algorithm (Tour V5 Shift only ), Slope-Switch Technology (Tour V5 Shift Only), PinSeeker with Visual Jolt Technology, Builtin BITE Magnetic Cart Mount, Accurate to within 1-yard, 5-1,300-yard range performance (400= yards to a flag), 6x magnification, Bright, clear optics (2x brighter than previous models), A Fast Focus System, Rain proof, Premium carry Case, and three-volt battery included, a two-year warranty.

Available at retailers nationwide by the end of March, Tour V5 retail price $299.99, Tour V5 Shift is $399.99.

The Bushnell WINGMAN GPS Speaker

The Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker, is the first to the market technology that works with GPS and Bluetooth.

“We are excited to introduce a product that will allow golfers to enjoy themselves on the course, while providing them with the functions of a distance measuring device,” said William Flood, Bushnell Golf Product Manager. ” With it’s ability to play music and provide the GPS data golfers rely on, the Wingman GPS Speaker is unlike any other product in the industry, and we are thrilled to add it to the Bushnell Golf family.”

It works by pairing the Wingman with your music source and Bushnell Golf App. Press the remote button to get audible GPS distances from your Bushnell Golf App.

The Wingman GPS Features are. Audible GPS distances and music through mobile applications, Front center and back distances-with customizable for game play, Integrated BITE magnetic cart mount, Auto hole advance, 10+hour battery life, charge other devices from speaker.

The Wingman GPS Speaker will be available in April. Retail price is $149.99. More details at